Sunday, January 24, 2010

Esoteric Acupuncture

"Only in a strong and clean body can the soul do its message fitly."
Woman in the Nineteenth Century p. 163 by Margaret Fuller

According to…Mikio Sankey, humanity as a whole has raised its consciousness to such a level that it has acted as a timelock for Esoteric Acupuncture’s New Encoding Patterns to be released and offered. These acupuncture patterns can expand humanity’s path toward healing and wellness, and opportunities for even higher consciousness!

Dr. Mikio Sankey is a California licensed acupuncturist, naturopathic physician, theosophist, lecturer, and author of several books. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years. The goal of the early TCM doctors was to see their clients as little as possible, because it meant that the doctors were doing a good job with educating their clients on how to conduct their lives, and that their treatment procedures (acupuncture, acupressure, qi gong, tai chi, herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations) were correct.

To-day, we are blessed to have Esoteric Acupuncture as another treatment protocol, thanks to Dr. Sankey, with the goal being wellness and heightened awareness about personal health, the environment and beyond. The name was chosen to express the Ancient Esoteric Wisdom along with TCM and acupuncture theory. The diagnosis process is different compared to traditional acupuncture where the practitioner views the client’s tongue, feels the pulses on their wrists for information about their organ systems, and takes note of their signs and symptoms. The Esoteric Acupuncturist notices tears in a person’s energy field, foreign energies clogging the system, imbalances with the chakras (huge energetic vortices situated along the midline of an individual), and especially various emotions and how they are effecting the client. TCM is often referred to as preventative medicine. Esoteric Acupuncture is concerned with wellness, taking prevention to a whole new level.

Healers, not licensed in acupuncture, may use Esoteric Acupuncture patterns by using crystals, oils and other items instead of needles. With the New Encoding Patterns, the acupoints, areas of extreme energy on the body, are touched in an exact order. While the points are activated, the client remains awake, possibly doing mental imagery to assist with the treatment. Afterwards, the objects are removed in the inverse order to how they were placed in or on the body. Dr. Sankey has found that this protocol, unlike with traditional acupuncture, releases higher frequencies. In fact, meditators wishing to expose themselves to heightened awareness and expanded consciousness are drawn to Esoteric Acupuncture, especially those who do Inner Plane or multidimensional work.
Esoteric Acupuncture helps a client to be able to view problems and imbalances from a higher level, thus being able to step back from a situation in order to improve clarity. The fine tuning of subtle frequencies, being aware, and an active participant in the process, the client may “simultaneously align and initiate the opening of their Heart Center.” This will cause a frequency of love that is generated throughout the energy field Esoteric Acupuncture is just one more piece of the puzzle available at this time.
becoming the “gateway to expanded healing.” Dr. Sankey emphasizes the importance of the Heart Center being in alignment, because, in his opinion, no healing can truly occur without it.

Information, Intelligence and memory reside in the cells. Think of each cell is as a computer and Esoteric Acupuncture as a tool that helps a client to access the data when the timing is appropriate for that particular individual. With organic produce, clean, healthy water, exercise suitable for the client’s personality and body type, meditation, and a modality such as Esoteric Acupuncture, a person may become more present and healthy.

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Esoteric Acupuncture Revisited

“…this body is no more than a garment of thought.”
Journey Into Nature by Michael J. Roads

According to Mikio Sankey, acupuncturists might have better results with their clients if they looked for the qi emanating from the person’s true acupoint rather than merely looking at a book’s generic definition of where the point should be located on everyone’s body.

How may an acupuncturist see, feel, or simply know where the center of a specific acupoint is appearing on any given client on any given day? When a practitioner follows the same guidelines they present to their clients for living well, the acupuncturists will refine their own Qi (energy) and thus work toward intuiting the location of points. The guidelines given and followed are to receive acupuncture in conjunction with eating foods and beverages that promote life. This means avoiding the chemicals frequently found in beverages, food and drugs. According to Sankey, even a sip of alcohol sends its energy from the practitioner through the needle to the client. Under normal circumstances this may not present a problem. If the client is a recovering alcoholic, however, the practitioner needs to be aware of the state of his or her own Qi and what he or she is bringing energetically to the treatment room. Meditating and/or doing Inner Plane work as well as performing Esoteric Acupuncture on clients will contribute to increasing the practitioner’s awareness, intuition, and ability to see or feel subtle qi.

Here is a surprising fact. The client’s Intention for the outcome they wish to receive from the treatment can actually effect where acupoints will show up at that time on his or her body. Of course a hand point will always be in a similar area on the body. It would not suddenly be accessed on the foot. However, astute acupuncturists will notice that from person to person particular acupoints are not consistently found in exactly the same spot, nor even on one person from treatment to treatment. Even with these adjustments, the acupoints will always be in the proximity of the book’s definition; however, several factors influence whether a treatment has offered all that was expected. Did the client and practitioner have the same Intent, or any Intent at all? Is the practitioner able to sense the point’s location? Some people prefer a practitioner who is aware that they are in process and working toward the same wellness and high awareness goals as their clients. Other clients hold any doctor in high regard simply for holding a license and the clients are unconcerned with the practitioner’s state of health and state of mind. A client’s decision s about their practitioner’s standards will also contribute to the treatment.

The Chakras, spinning energy vortices, are located in a person’s Astral/Emotional Body, which is outside the Defensive/Protective Qi area of their physical body. Incarnating humans consist of five bodies: the dense physical body and the four subtle/finer frequency bodies, which Sankey says are “actually distinct vibrational fields extending outward from the dense physical body.” Each body is named for the plane on which it resides. The physical body resides in the physical plane, for example, yet each body is contained within all the bodies that precede them. The subtle bodies from most dense to most fine are the Etheric, the one that houses the acupuncture meridians; the Astral, the one with which traveling and work may be accomplished away from the physical level while still incarnating; the Mental/Casual, the Mental acts as a filter for incoming information and the Casual is a higher level of the Mental body; and the Spiritual, which is actually separated into the Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. Energies come from the Mental plane through the Chakras in the Astral body to the physical body. Imbalanced Chakras may pull in greater energies from our other subtle bodies and planes of existence. Due to being laden with charged emotional energy, the frequency now working within the Chakras may be lower, and the spinning may go in the opposite direction for health. (Clockwise is a healthy rotation for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Counter-clockwise is healthy for those in the Southern Hemisphere). Chakras must be clear, open, and activated prior to working consciously with kundalini energy.

Sankey writes, “Kundalini refers to an electromagnetic energy field of consciousness” that is stored at the base of the spine. It slowly rises up the etheric spine over the course of someone’s life, unless he or she, along with their Inner Plane work and meditation, is working with it purposely. In Sanskrit, kundal does mean coil; however, kunda can mean pit, as in the cranium. Sankey points out that “the dissection of the human brain reveals that it resembles a snake coiled upon itself.” Westerners can think it all hog wash, but it is a good idea to research and understand the effect of kundilini, diet, and the power of unexpressed emotions because in ignorance one risks the rising energy getting stuck, usually around the third and fourth Chakras in middle age. It is common to know someone who died of a heart attack around forty years of age.

When people are out of balance, they might like to find their center, which actually rises with their changes toward health and along with increased understanding of their subtle bodies. Esoteric Acupuncture can assist a person with this endeavor through Sacred Geometry, among other disciplines. Humans are not flat. When Sacred Geometry is Intended through using Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, energy folds, flops, and twists, affecting a person much like a combination lock that first turns to the right, and then to the left. With each “click,” a person’s consciousness is closer to “opening.” Building the Antahkarana, Rainbow Bridge, is assisted with this work. Building the Antahkarana is building the center. The concept of the six surrounding the one is made manifest with needles, or oils and crystals, for the non-acupuncture treatment. Bridges, or connections, between the sixth and seventh Chakras, that some meditators have long been aiming to establish, may occur now. Knowledge may come to those receiving regular Esoteric Acupuncture treatments without reading or hearing the information. For others, simply being able to understand a once hard book may be the noticeable outcome. Full Sensory abilities may first show up with peripheral clairvoyance, seeing into other dimensions out of the corner of the eye. Other benefits may include calmer, more balanced relationships and accompanying improved physical health.

When a client visualizes the acupoints connecting to each other, picturing golden light making triangular shapes, and consciously moves energy in figure eights, the client becomes a living Yantra. A Yantra in Sanskrit is a tool that can be used during meditation in order to express otherworldly ideas, something that can perceive and receive. Yantras sometimes look like beautiful designs in the shape of a circle. Another example of a perceiver/receiver is the human body. Esoteric Acupuncture is a tool for assisting with an awakening through the Yantra of the human body. Esoteric Acupuncture is a tool making a spiritual “download” possible.

Esoteric Acupuncture can guide a person on a journey to understanding finally that the ancient Hindu belief that we are all connected to everything is true. When someone makes the decision to refine their Qi (energy), it is as if a veil has been removed and the whole world opens up for them. With the New Encoding patterns, needles are placed in and are also later removed from acupoints in an exact order. This sequence acts very much like a combination lock. The client does more than simply relax on a massage table with the needles in place, they experience what NASA refers to as “spin field.” Esoteric Acupuncture can assist a person with their Intent to build minor energetic bridges within their head centers in order to eventually sustain a bigger bridge, the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge. Energy will not go to the Crown Chakra, it will jump if something, like the Rainbow Bridge, is not set up in advance. Needling one point and having it travel to another not within its meridian system is possible with Esoteric Acupuncture.

Esoteric Acupuncture works on multiple levels: physical, etheric, astral, mental/casual, and spiritual in order to support a client in preventing illness, maintaining health, and experiencing wellness on previously unknown levels. For more information, please read Esoteric Acupuncture: Gateway to Expanded Healing and truly participate with your acupuncturist in designing Esoteric Acupuncture treatments suited for you personally.


Monday, January 18, 2010

I Have a Dream, Too

Last Wednesday morning, it was raining. I was walking toward a building behind a married couple. (The husband was in the lead, followed by the wife, and then me, a distant third.) At the double doors, the man opened one and entered without looking back and without holding the door for the two hot on his heels. To consider fellow human beings is obviously a courtesy I take for granted. Instead of allowing the door to close in her face, he could have held the door, even from inside the building if he preferred. After opening the door and beginning to enter, she held the door for me. This is a step toward my dream; for humans to consider one another.

Fancy sleeping with a man who is unable to consider you! I suppose most women of yesteryear experienced just that. If people never lost their ability to consider one another, perhaps Mary Wollstonecraft (1792), Anna Jameson (1832), and Margaret Fuller (1845), not to mention all the authors on female rights since, may not have felt compelled to put ink to paper at all. Let’s face it. The men of yesteryear with power were too busy worrying about securing their rights to speak as they wished, hold slaves if they wished, and to be able to vote if they wished. They were making certain they were justly represented in government and, like this modern day husband, they were far too concerned with their own obligations at hand, to consider neglected groups denied a voice, or those walking behind. How differently America would have been settled if those few with a voice were able to consider the masses!

Considering others is offering an ear, even though we believe we lack the time. It is being in traffic, seeing a red light up ahead, checking in the rear view mirror for stopping safely, and allowing those three cars to make their left turn into the shopping center. It is gathering up another’s plates since we are heading out to the kitchen ourselves. It is knowing that we have a very toxic work mate and so doing what we can for her. And it is holding the door for a fellow worker, even though we are married to him/her, and even though in our estimation, we do not have the time to spare.

My male cousin once held the door for a girl just behind him about to enter a university building in Australia. She socked him in the face to his great surprise. His thoughtfulness was interpreted as an accusation of weakness. Certainly, the husband knows his wife is capable of opening a door, and he was simply thoughtless in that moment. Children learn by example. Gentlemen make strong fathers. I have a dream, too.

Consideration. With it, we would not have, nor would we ever have had, any form of slavery. Consideration. With it, women would not have, nor would they ever have been unfairly judged and oppressed. Consideration. With it, one has to wonder if divorce would be so prevalent. Consideration. With it, a door is not allowed to slam in the face of another, “woman libber” or not. Consideration. With it, those in the lucrative business of suppressing would run out of heroes to assassinate, because there would be too many of us and too few bullets.
Martin Luther Kings would be the norm…
not the exception.

Yes, I Have a Dream, too.

Bye-Bye Microwave!

I am sitting here contemplating a MLK blog, enjoying holding a hot cup of coffee, and having a few sips, enjoying the rain and the fact that my mother did it!
Today is the first day that she no longer uses a microwave. Saturday we found her old fashioned stainless steel non-electric, filter included, coffee maker. This morning, she placed it on the stove, poured the boiling water into the wide opening, and placed the lid on it. In only a few minutes, the water passed through the coffee grounds and into the pot part of the contraption. Another benefit is that she no longer needs to purchase coffee filters.

In the past, my mother put her coffee in the microwave, because the electric coffee maker just did not get the coffee hot enough for her taste. This old fashioned contraption does!

Bye-Bye microwave!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vivaxis for Health

"When you honor who you are, then you honor all else in life.
Honoring yourself is the masonry of the castle."
Getting There by Michael Roads
According to Judy Jacka, N. D., “The science of Vivaxis” is powerful at “restoring and harmonizing body energies.” In her book, The Vivaxis Connection, she goes onto say, “The Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy umbilical cord to the planet. It is the place where you plug into the Earth and its life-supporting energies.” During the last few weeks of gestation, a small sphere of energies, about the size of a fetus, is being established in a point in the Earth near to the fetus’s geographical position. A two-way circuit from the baby’s energy field, etheric and electromagnetic, to the Earth will remain for the duration of the human’s life. A disruption with the flow within this personal circuit will manifest as immune system and/or nervous system malfunctions, which may lead to impaired health.

Learning how to do the exercises for connecting to the individual life axis assists people whose health has already become compromised, or people who simply wish to keep their energy flowing and balanced in calling on their subtle energy bodies, allowing them to become an “instrument for finding, comparing, assessing, and using energies.” These energies are not of the astral or psychic realms. They are of the physical realm (gravitation, magnetism, and electricity), though less dense than even gases. The Vivaxis connection uses the Earth’s energies for individual and planetary health. Memory, concentration, and paralysis are just a few areas that have improved consistently with Vivaxis exercises. At times when a person is forced to fall back on his or her own resources, for instance, because of traveling away from home, experiencing a disaster, or being completely broke, knowing how to do Vivaxis exercises may be all that is available to bring relief, and it is free!

Fran Nixon, a Canadian whose meticulous work studying energies had attracted the interest of physicists, self-published and taught her discoveries about Earth energies during the 1960’s. Prior to her death in 1985, she asked Jacka to continue her work, even though there was a difference between the two women: Nixon was purely and fully involved with the Vivaxis dynamic, and Jacka was more eclectic, having studied ley lines, the Hartmann grid, the Curry grid, and Feng Shui. The subtle energies with which Nixon and Jacka worked are now recognized by more and more lay people and scientists as “the blueprint for growth and regrowth, or healing.” Earth energies flow in layers. The advantage to knowing how to work within these layers is that we can make water cleaner, have more energy, and inactivate harmful frequencies, such as
those emitted by cell phone towers.

How does acupuncture or some other form of energy healing fit into this model? Vivaxis science “examines the source of those vibrational therapies that form the basis of vitamin and mineral therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, acupuncture, and color therapy, among many other therapies.” Jacka interprets Vivaxis energies to be both etheric and electromagnetic. In acupuncture, the meridians, or energy pathways, are actually in the etheric body, the densest of all the subtle bodies that make up humans. In esoteric terms, the etheric body is the one which remains with the physical body until death. For example, a person without a limb may continue to feel fingers or toes due to the presence of the etheric body. In other words, “the etheric world forms an interface between our physical brain consciousness and our different levels of consciousness.” Being in balance helps one to be a reliable instrument.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a five-element theory, which closely resembles the relationship between individuals and the Earth. TCM also encourages an individual to follow their constitutional needs when choosing “foods, sounds, colors, and surroundings” in order to rebalance a person’s energies. The therapeutic points (acupoints) on the meridians correspond with “sites at which important activities in the Vivaxis model take place.” Nixon discovered how essential mineral frequencies are received on various acupoints, since each point is connected to the Vivaxis. In fact, our full energy field has thousands of such receptors. Jacka then developed Vivaxis work related to the energy centers, such as the pineal gland (corresponding to the acupoint Yin Tang in TCM) and its magnetic properties, to the energy layers.

Esoteric Acupuncture and many other esoteric practices recognize that humans are made up of multiple bodies--the etheric and electromagnetic physical are only two. Humans, however, are not alone in being made up of multiple bodies. The Earth has multiple bodies as well. Jacka asserts that humans can affect the Earth’s mental and spiritual bodies more than any other life form residing on Earth. So we can help our home planet by becoming aware of how our actions related to our personal Vivaxis connection. Likewise, negative aspects about the Earth can adversely affect humans. Knowledge about the Earth’s grid systems, discovered by Drs. Hartmann and Curry, are important for human’s to know because neutral ground should be sought before attempting to “absorb the life-giving frequencies” that energy work has to offer.

The Vivaxis Connection promises to be a very helpful book. However, Jacka recommends that when reading her book, readers would do well to capture the main idea first and then to zoom in on the details during another reading at a later time.