Friday, April 23, 2010

Support Freedom

If you can support freedom in any way, do it! If there is any way you can cling to your right to not purchase healthcare insurance, do it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vivaxis Exercise #2: One of Many HealthCare Solutions

My mother and I have now completed the second exercise, the neutralizing process, from the book The Vivaxis Connection. Immediately after expelling foreign fields, which in this case means a connection with a Vivaxis that is not my own, my face felt alive and energy danced above my head. My mother felt energized, centered, and grounded. Her eyes were sparkling much as mine were after the colonic I had had.

Judy Jacka, in The Vivaxis Connection, says “The rational for the neutralizing exercise is to bring in and saturate our energy field with our own energies, and to do this so strongly that all foreign energies are removed.” Esoteric acupuncture, the Vincent Codes, colonics and cleansing in general, and countless other modalities for supporting qi (energy/power within) are at our finger tips. It is a wonder to me that people take drugs of any kind. In this age of knowledge, so many techniques for health are offered. Most could even be performed in a person’s own home.