Saturday, June 27, 2020

Now Is No Time to Be Nasty

[It is so obvious to me that this term was made famous by Big Pharma trolls. It reeks of their imprint, especially that it is used by people in a bullying way. If a white woman lost her child to vaccine injury and she tries to warn others, it is used to make her wrong, to inform others that she doesn't care about you and that she is entitled.

Big Pharma also has convinced those same people who will call women this name that Germ Theory is real and that their bodies are so inept, they can't survive all because of another's actions.

It doesn't matter how right you think you are, if you stoop to name-calling, you need to step back, recognize you've been programmed, and free yourself.

Now is no time for humans to be nasty to other humans.]

Sunday, June 21, 2020

If Béchamp Had Not Been Ignored


[Germ Theory sells vaccines and drugs, which profits Big Pharma, making the 1% happy by keeping humans off balance and ill.  The covid meme could never have seized the public without the indoctrination of Germ Theory.  This covid “test” has a motive, whether it is simply to force humanity to test daily so as to make money and give the 1% power over humanity, or to covertly infect humanity with a micro-bioweapon. The 1% have been given this power through the hold that Germ Theory has on the masses to such an extent that the byproduct that comes from an imbalanced cell attempting to balance itself, the virus, has been thrown in with all the other boogeyman pathogens, thus the covid meme.  If Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908) had not been ignored, this never could have happened because his students would have said that a virus is not alive and did not come from a microzyma, a building block (of sorts) for life.

The paw-paw tested positive for covid-19.  Well, since that does not disturb the masses, let us look at what Béchamp (known as the Father of Terrain Theory who was plagiarized badly by Pasteur) has said about the microzyma.  Microzymas are the tiny organisms Béchamp noticed within cells, but Charles Robins, in 1858, mentioned them without understanding their function or status.  Béchamp figured out that microzymas are actually the living remains of plants and animals after those outer bodies have died.  He also found different stages of the formation of bacteria from the microzymas themselves when conditions changed to make it favorable to do so.  The paw-paw, you, and I all have microzymas that have potential to become various bacteria if the internal terrain signals such!  But yes, you cannot test a paw-paw for something specific such as covid-19 when that was a psy-op caused by Fifth Generation and sixty gigahertz here, vaccine biowarfare there, murdering healthy people with ventilators here and faking death certificates there, as well as byproducts (viruses) from the paw-paw’s cells being natural and its own business if they can even be found. If Béchamp had not been ignored, this never could have happened, because his followers would have said that a virus is not alive and did not come from a microzyma.

Consistently through history, visionaries who can support humanity have been “taken out” and we have been left with limiting ideas taught in Formal Education.  Iréne Hillel-Erlanger (1878-1920) comes to mind on that long list.  She was a writer and alchemist who was murdered (some sources say TB, others food poisoning) with the premiere of a book that no doubt gave instructions of turning items to gold.  Today, we can assume that it was simply those who dealt with gold (not wanting it to become common place) so murdered her and burned her books, but it could just as easily have been to stop us from making the leap in thinking we can transmute dis-ease into health.  Perhaps she revealed truths in that book that could have nudged us into remembering how to keep what Béchamp called microzymas as just that, or how to return pathological bacteria back to microzymas.  Professor Estor and Joseph Béchamp, two in support of furthering Béchamp’s work, conveniently died, leaving Béchamp alone in his work while Pasteur was being pushed by the 1% to dominate the masses’ thinking.

Microzymas are individuals and there is no reason that because one human, plant, or animal has a certain bacterium that any other, even of the same species, should get it.  You are able to take bacteria back to the microzyma state.  Long after you are dead and gone, those microzymas will continue.  They are the ever-ready bunny and they are here to behave how their environment allows them to behave.  If they are a raging bacterial disease and that kills, the bacteria will revert back to microzymas in their new environment.  It is magical.  It is alchemical.

If Béchamp had not been ignored, nothing the news informs the masses, nothing the 1% says, could have tricked the public into the submission of Plandemic 2020.  Humans were groomed for this moment.  We would not line up to be injected with AI, we would not allow nanobots to fall from our skies, we would not allow the manipulation of weather and of us if we connected with our Power, the Power that Béchamp tried to show us.

You would not be wearing a mask, fearing human contact, locked away from social activities if Béchamp had not been ignored!]

Iréne Hillel-Erlanger

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Silence is Compliance Psy-Op

["Silence is compliance" is a psy-op, repeated in order to program the masses through what the 1% sees as a fault in humanity, emotions.

Were you silent when the governments of the world were trying to make it illegal to have yard gardens because you didn't know the government was trying to make it illegal to have a garden in your yard?

Were you silent about the governments of the world making the collection of rainwater illegal because you didn't know that the governments of the world were trying (and in fact, some succeeded) to make the collection of rainwater illegal?

Were you silent when the governments of the world were making it illegal for people to give food to the homeless because you didn't know that places were making it illegal to give food to the homeless?

Were you silent when the government included section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 which made health a non-issue so that they could erect any communications device because you didn't know that they had made legislation making it next to impossible for you to cite health as a reason to not have a communication device near your home or your school?

Were you silent about vaccinations being warfare because you didn't know they were warfare?

Were you silent about Agenda 21 and ID 2020 being instruments of the New World Order because you didn't know about Agenda 21 and ID 2020?

Were you silent about 4G towers, 5G antennas and 60 gigahertz chips because you didn't know about the harm of 4G towers, 5G antennas, and 60 gigahertz chips to humans?

Were you silent about fluoridated water because you didn't know about the harm related to fluoridated water?

Were you silent about our water system because you didn't know about the disinformation of "Promoting the Reliable Supply and Delivery of Water in the West" and Trump's response "I hope you enjoy the water that you're going to have."?

Were you silent about chlorinated water in the shower being as a gas chamber because you didn't know about chlorinated water?

Were you silent about Wi-Fi in the schools being harmful for children and adults because you didn't know about Wi-Fi in the schools being harmful for children and adults?

Were you silent about mercury fillings being dangerous, especially when dead bodies are being cremated and the mercury is going into the atmosphere harming living humans because you didn't know about mercury fillings?

Were you silent when Bill Gates and Tyson Foods invested in cow stem-cell fake meat, and then Covid-19 cases just happened to occur in meat packing places which has impacted the meat supply because you didn't know Bill Gates and Tyson wanted meateaters to rely on their product? 

Truly, I could go on and on all day.

Please recognize a psychological operation when you hear it. This psychological operation is trying to incite you to violence and to judge other people who are responding to current events differently than you.

Silence can mean many things.

Silence about a topic can mean that you know you hold a different opinion than somebody else, so you're just trying not to make waves.  Sometimes, silence is golden.

Silence can mean you're ignorant about something.

Silence can mean you are sitting quietly with your thoughts, holding in consciousness the world you wish to see before you.

When you hear something in the news, the 1% have put it there for a reason.  I am not psychopathic, so it's hard to understand why the 1% do anything, but I would guess it's to create dissension among the people. How many average citizens would start bullying someone who wasn't outwardly speaking in support of George Floyd and the current riots?  Since average citizens have Astral body imperfections, I would guess many.  I also see, due to those same Astral body imperfections, that some people will speak up just so they are not judged and ridiculed when in fact, they may not want to.  If you are doing things from the wrong heart, that is only contributing negative energy to any situation.  The 1% want a war to happen on the grounds of the United States so that they can bring in martial law and can take over.  They can bring the New World Order to the forefront and lock you down. This psy-op is helping with pitting person against person. They can trust the humans will just react. They play humans through their emotions all the time. Stop being played! Wake up to the 1%'s Agenda.  They know how to work your Astral body against you when you won't even acknowledge its existence.

The other reason they allow news to be broadcast is to inform you of their plans.  Are you ready to start paying attention, or do you choose to be out of control emotionally until they have you?]

[Of course in 2020, governors can go ahead and give drugs and alcohol to the homeless without a permit, but you can't. You cannot be caring person performing loving acts for the homeless without a permit. And by the way, permits cost money. You are a slave.  you have to give them money even when you are being nice or loving.  They legislate everything.  Feelings are of humans.  They are making your humanness wrong.]

[Sewercide, did you know?


[Rainwater collection was illegal in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Colorado Springs and Australia, but all may have changed now thanks to human outcry:

Fluoridated water:


[Produce gardens were a battle from long ago.  I fought against the legislation attempts long beofre I started fighting 5G:]

AI 1%:

4G/5G/60gHz/cell phones:

[Stop watching the news.  It's time to realize there's a lot you don't know about the jeopardy in which you stand!]

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Control of the Covid-Farceicle

[Dear News Watcher Who Hangs onto the 1%'s Every Word,
The CDC gave medical doctors the go-ahead to label anything they want as covid-19 if they assume it is so. So first of all, whether someone has or doesn't have it, they can say they have it or they can say they don't have it. So they can toy with your emotions because they get to be in control of what is diagnosed covid-19 and what isn't.
Secondly, the news is going to let you know what they want you to know. So they could be putting 60 gigahertz chips all over the place and 5G all over the place and they get to turn it on and turn it off as they see fit. And then when people have a reaction to that, they get to choose what they are diagnosing. And I can guarantee you they're not going to say EMF poisoning, etc.
Next, they could be turning on 5G for all we know. The military functions it can perform are many, some not too bad on our bodies in short doses, some fatal if they want. One of its qualities is that it can do "Voice of God." So it can make people think anything the 1% want them to think just like the TV can. They can turn it to a certain level that makes everybody in its path go into a frenzy. 5G is a weapon that can be used how they want to use it. If they want to turn it up so that oxygen-uptake is made impossible, then they can do that. And then they can say that you've got covid-19 if they want to.
Lastly, they are planning something for you. They've got you so mixed up by telling you wear a mask, don't wear a mask, covid numbers are high, covid numbers are low, a healthy person is asymptomatic and can get you sick, and then they tell you nope, an asymptomatic person can't make you sick.
When people do start dropping, there's going to be confusion and they're going to be loving it!
Do not listen to the news. They have already told you their plans and the news is going to confuse the survivors. Just open your eyes. What do you see going on around you? This last time, I didn't see any sick people. I only saw frightened people. I only saw slaves wearing masks, which is what people who think they are masters of others have been forcing slaves to do through-out history. (Oh, don't get me wrong. People like me who didn't wear a mask in general are also slaves in their eyes.) I saw no ill people. I only saw people frightened of the very air they breathe, of human contact, and of cash. I saw the grooming of AI.]

[This is worth the 21 minutes.

Make no mistake, Communism has been here a long time. 
The 1% would be the ones truly in charge of all groups such as these.  AI wants to come in and take over.]

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The New World Order is Here


     [The 1% are proving that the New World Order is already here. First of all, there is a worldwide epidemic that is not real. Secondly, there are worldwide riots based on the "I can't breathe" psy-op that was not real. And it is just crazy that black on black deaths have a huge percentage and the cop on black death is around the percentage of those supposedly dead by Covid-19. I mean it is really tiny. And yet, all of this rioting supposedly was instigated by regular folks the world over? No. It would be easy to use the shepherd, the TV, to work on sheople's what Carloss Castaneda called "self-importance" to get the masses to react.

     Associated with this, sheople are being convinced that if someone does not jump on the bandwagon with Black Lives Matter, then it means that they are not sympathetic, and they can be held accountable for that. It is insane that humans are not allowed to be sympathetic with whatever cause they resonate with. You are considered a bad guy if you do not resonate with the Black Lives Matter cause. It does not matter if you are aligned with fighting 5G, 60 gigahertz chips being implemented over town, harmful ingredients in vaccines, and bringing education to people about Artificial Intelligence that soon will not allow humans any choices, that they want to change humans. If you are not on the bandwagon for Black Lives Matter, if you are not giving them money, if you are not sympathizing with them, then you are a racist and you are part of the problem. It is absolutely insane that people are not noticing that that is a program in and of itself.

     Lastly, I am noticing worldwide, there are statues that are being taken down. That cannot just be a thing that people are spontaneously thinking of. Humans do not usually jump to conclusions such as this dude represents the bad in cops so tear it down. They usually are so swept up in blind emotion that they do not think of something until it is placed in their consciousness.  That has to be the 1% orchestrating it. I think Artificial Intelligence wants to get rid of all human statues because it erases all ideas of what humans used to be and they want to put up AI statues. It turns out, since January, they have had a Robocop statue ready to be erected. So it will be erected soon. How convenient!

     Humans, stop being reactionaries! Step back and look at this whole script. You are being played. You are being played right down the chute.  At the end of that chute they are going to inject you with AI. Stop judging the people around you just because they have different opinions to you. Stop tearing down statues just because you think those people were not as good as you, nor as high and mighty as you are!

     Stop being fooled!

     You know, I look at Artificial Intelligence like it is a worthy opponent because I see how intelligent the whole program is and I am absolutely amazed at all the moving parts and how successful they are. I am amazed that Artificial Intelligence knows its opponent, humans, so well.  Artificial intelligence has fooled the sheople, though and I bet it does not see those sheople as worthy opponents. Conquering them is going to be so easy. No challenge. No fun.

     Those of us who see what is going on are worthy opponents, because AI, you cannot have us!]

      [Black conquerors used to make slaves of the black defeated just as in all areas, conquerors made slaves of their defeated. The next step in our history that shows how awful humans can be...and so easily swayed by the dollar...was actually going and stealing people. No matter how awful it is, it is our history. Does AI want you to forget it because slavery is what it plans for you?]

Monday, June 8, 2020

Because Your Life Matters

Isn’t it time to step back and review what you’ve just experienced with this Plandemic2020?  To the 1%, your life doesn’t matter beyond what you can do for them.  To humans, your life matters, so it’s time to turn off the shepherd, the TV, and take a long hard look.

There was no harmful virus boogeyman that was out to get you, but even if there had been, does releasing prisoners from prison and the EPA deregulating environmental legislation make sense to you?  In light of the coming Agenda 21 and how they want to imprison humanity and rule over our environment in the nastiest of ways, it does make sense.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Martial Law is in the Numbers

Well, Zach points out that the numbers show Martial Law for June 8, 2020.  I don't know what's going on out there, but since Zach also mentioned a Netflix movie that has just come out, I reckon the crowds will be zapped with frequency to make them frenzy today.

This show on Netflix is about frequency being used on people, though for the opposite of frenzy.  See, if they can get a crowd in one spot...and multiple "one spots" at that...then they can frequency that group, or have a pathogen released onto that group.  They can do any number of things.  Have these 60 gHz chips been strategically placed in "hot spots," where protesters go?  Are military-like vehicles going to move in and do the zapping?  I suppose those of you who watch the news will know and I'll see your reactions through your posts on Facebook to see if this came about or not.

Let's hope everyone stays home and foils the 1%'s plans!

Watch the whole thing for a fantastic introduction to this Plandemic 2020's moving parts:

This weapon is perhaps to be used on crowd after silent frequency gets people in a frenzy (since some people are reporting hearing something and wondering if practicing is happening):

Start at roughly 1:54:00 for George Floyd Psy-Op. From the beginning, I wondered if he's five million richer on an island as I presume Epstein is, or if he was ritually murdered to advance the agenda.  Funny how he and Epstein had the same doctor at their autopsies.  Hmmm:

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Proof Fear is Creative and Life Can Be Limitless

[Hold your palms together.  Drop the longer hand by your side.  Close your eyes and see your shorter hand reach to the stars.  Open your eyes and place your palms together.  This is Debra Greene’s exercise that can prove how powerful your thoughts are.

If you are choosing anger and fear right now, you are contributing to that field.  Think of Love.  Concentrate on your Light.

Turn off the TV.

Concentrate on the limitless aspect of life that you want.

People with peace, integrity, kindness and ethics in their hearts can teleport freely.  

People can commune with Nature, humans and animals from Love.

People can enjoy Tesla technology instead of paying electric companies, and SMART meters are retired.

Governments have been held accountable for their crimes against humanity and have been retired.

Frequency dictates levels of freedom that humans know.  If one chooses to lie, cheat, rape, steal, kill, etc, the slower frequency shuts them out of free experiences such as teleporting, accessing free energy, etc.  Governments are not needed as each individual is instantly held accountable for their thoughts, words and actions.  

A split is occurring.  Some are already choosing to remain in a dense third dimensional prison, while others are experiencing the top frequency of 3D.

Your thoughts are choosing for you.  Do you want to be a victim or a creator of peace?
Place your hands together.  Drop the longer hand by your side.  See your shorter hand reach for the stars…Oh, wait.  This does not work now, right?  Why?  Because we already thought our short hand longer.  So let us think our world away from fear.  Let us stop complaining and start creating peace.

Now, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

Psy-Op Plandemic 2020 and its Moving Parts

[Judging by what I see on Facebook, the public is very tolerant of the psy-op known as a Covid epidemic, even though it has imprisoned them and led many to depression, poverty, and suicide.

Judging by what I see on Facebook, the public is very tolerant of governors freeing prisoners and giving drugs and alcohol to the homeless.

Judging from what I see on Facebook, the public is very tolerant about the 1% only allowing their narrative to remain while all non-Big Pharma scientists and doctors are labeled “Fake news.”

Judging by what I see on Facebook, the public is reacting to the psy-op known as “I Can't Breathe,” without critical thinking such as would a cop really kneel on a person without simply arresting him?  Would no-one in the crowd step in and place the four officers under citizen’s arrest?  And do these men have marriage ties, lodge ties, job ties, etc with each other?  The most important question of all is why has the news allowed this to spread like wildfire?  Along with that question is since we’ve seen how the anchors of the news the world over are given the same script, when were they given this script?

Judging by what I see on Facebook, the public is reacting to the psy-op known as “I Can”t Breathe” by taking to the streets in anger.  This opens them to energy weapon attacks to influence them to commit violence without their awareness of this.  If they were calm, they might notice.  If they were calm, they might notice “agents” bent on enticing violence within the huge groups.

Before Plandemic 2020 had its official start on March 11, 2020 by the Satanists in charge of the world, they gave a sacrifice, signifying they were going for a big kill.  Kobe was someone they loved and needed, especially along with his daughter, possibly another future money-maker and star for them.  

This communicates to us the level of Plandemic 2020’s outcome they wish to have over humanity.  That Kobe was buried in Corona, California can set alarms off such as is he really alive and on an island with Epstein somewhere? 

But it could also be a clear signal that he was a sacrifice for the Corona script already underway and about to really come “online” strongly.

Perhaps it is time to start learning about psychological operations before you get swept up in another one…or is it too late for you?]

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Young Pharaoh

          I want to leave a link to an entertaining video put out by Young Pharaoh.  He hits on the truth of what is happening pretty well.  I am an anarchist, if I have to label myself any political view, because I think government equates to a bunch of self-absorbed gangsters out for self-profit with a legal license to rape, kill, or destroy as they see fit.  I offer the present example of Pandemic 2020 as proof.  

            In this video (below), Young Pharaoh indicates the times that the Soros-funded trouble-makers paint the “A” in the communities, but hasn’t caught on to how this itself is a subliminal against harmony-community-minded sorts such as myself.  You see, a true anarchist does not need to be parented nor protected by an infiltrated force such as the police.  The wind blows your car door out of your hand and the door smashes into another car and you come clean about it.  You pay if damage has been done.  We do not need legislation to dictate to us that we should be punished if we do not own up.  Natural Law will bring an even more powerful “door” smashing into our car if we energetically put it out there that it is okay with us through silence and lack of owning up.  

             My point is, Soros-funded (and believe me, we could just as easily say the 1% and company) bullies are not leaving that mark to show how they are against government.  They are planting in your mind that people who claim to be anarchists behave like ruffians and rogues and want to destroy your homeland when we are the ones who can save you and your land.

          Long ago, Abraham Lincoln was the Republican much like how we in the 1980’s viewed Democrats.  (And even longer ago, Andrew Jackson was a Democrat who I used to see as the Republicans from the 1980's.) At any rate, I did not know there was a group of black Texas Republicans that came two years after Abe’s death.  It seems now it is the Democrats turn to play “bad cop” with the likes of Hilary and others who are allegedly behaving in very non-human sorts of ways.  Honestly, both sides are on one coin and it is held by the nastiest of the nasties even if they incarnate as a human here and there.

          I do think there are innocent Freemasons just like there are innocent Qabbalaists, but yes, the 1% kill and unfold their agenda by the numbers and through ritual.  Yes, pawns are told to murder a loved one to prove loyalty and to serve the cause, so his brief visit to another death made to happen could be accurate.  (I say could because I know very little about things in the news so have not investigated much.)  But know that there is an innocent, untainted side to the groups that have also been infiltrated by Dark.

          I have only seen roughly two hours of this so far, and yes, Young Pharaoh has some very unpleasant choices of words here and there, but over all, he made me laugh with the resonance of the frustration that I too feel over those around me being so asleep and hoodwinked!  We truly are establishing two Earths right now.  Our experiences will be very different as they already are through our responses to things we hear going on around us.

          I hope you enjoy this report on the rioting aspect of Plandemic 2020.

No Human Lives Matter to the One Percent

[Dear Sitting Ducks,

I am writing to remind you that to the 1% and company, no human lives matter.

If you have terms, they can give you what you want. Why?  Because as far as they're concerned, you're not going to be around too much longer.  It’s a sick kind of “turn on” to watch you gloat and praise yourselves when they know they are the cat allowing the mouse to think it has gotten away. 

When they have a huge group of you together, they can release something on you that the survivors of the world will see as covid-19, because that's what the news will report.

When they have a whole bunch of you together, they may use that as an excuse to bring in the military and get all heavy-handed so that they can implement all their enslavement of humanity through ID 2020 and what have you.

Now, if you had come out of your homes on March 14th and had refused to be held as locked down prisoners and slaves, you would have blown them away.

You would have thrown them for a loop. They would have said, “Holy smokes! What the hell are these humans doing?  We didn't know they could think! We didn't know they could see through us. Wow!  We told them everything we were going to do, and they actually figured it out!  We were telling them what our plans were for humanity because we have to by Universal Law, but they broke free of the programming and figured it out!”  The 1 % would have had to revisit the chalkboard. 

I guess because I'm the one who knew Bruce Willis was a ghost in The Sixth Sense from the beginning and I knew by page 27 of a “who dunn it” book the "bad guy" was so-en-so (because the author wouldn't have just told me that one sentence unless the whole story fell apart without it), and I knew who all these trusted individuals were within movies that ended up being the "bad guys" that that's why I can see the bad guy now.

Step out of your emotions for a second.  Step out of yourself for a second and look at what's going on. Take in the whole Plandemic 2020 because you are not out of it, yet. As it is, whatever they're going to do to us, is what they've already planned to do to us.

What you're doing is what they already planned to have you do. You guys are marionettes.  Heavy sigh.

Guys, a worthy opponent would be someone who could challenge them, someone who could do something they're not expecting…Someone who can think…Someone who can see through their disguise…Someone who can see through their lies.

Individuals of the cattle getting led to the slaughter are not proving to the 1% and company that their human lives matter!

Bright Day Thoughts,

Paget Anne of Essendon, living man

PS. Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]