Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Silence is Compliance Psy-Op

["Silence is compliance" is a psy-op, repeated in order to program the masses through what the 1% sees as a fault in humanity, emotions.

Were you silent when the governments of the world were trying to make it illegal to have yard gardens because you didn't know the government was trying to make it illegal to have a garden in your yard?

Were you silent about the governments of the world making the collection of rainwater illegal because you didn't know that the governments of the world were trying (and in fact, some succeeded) to make the collection of rainwater illegal?

Were you silent when the governments of the world were making it illegal for people to give food to the homeless because you didn't know that places were making it illegal to give food to the homeless?

Were you silent when the government included section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 which made health a non-issue so that they could erect any communications device because you didn't know that they had made legislation making it next to impossible for you to cite health as a reason to not have a communication device near your home or your school?

Were you silent about vaccinations being warfare because you didn't know they were warfare?

Were you silent about Agenda 21 and ID 2020 being instruments of the New World Order because you didn't know about Agenda 21 and ID 2020?

Were you silent about 4G towers, 5G antennas and 60 gigahertz chips because you didn't know about the harm of 4G towers, 5G antennas, and 60 gigahertz chips to humans?

Were you silent about fluoridated water because you didn't know about the harm related to fluoridated water?

Were you silent about our water system because you didn't know about the disinformation of "Promoting the Reliable Supply and Delivery of Water in the West" and Trump's response "I hope you enjoy the water that you're going to have."?

Were you silent about chlorinated water in the shower being as a gas chamber because you didn't know about chlorinated water?

Were you silent about Wi-Fi in the schools being harmful for children and adults because you didn't know about Wi-Fi in the schools being harmful for children and adults?

Were you silent about mercury fillings being dangerous, especially when dead bodies are being cremated and the mercury is going into the atmosphere harming living humans because you didn't know about mercury fillings?

Were you silent when Bill Gates and Tyson Foods invested in cow stem-cell fake meat, and then Covid-19 cases just happened to occur in meat packing places which has impacted the meat supply because you didn't know Bill Gates and Tyson wanted meateaters to rely on their product? 

Truly, I could go on and on all day.

Please recognize a psychological operation when you hear it. This psychological operation is trying to incite you to violence and to judge other people who are responding to current events differently than you.

Silence can mean many things.

Silence about a topic can mean that you know you hold a different opinion than somebody else, so you're just trying not to make waves.  Sometimes, silence is golden.

Silence can mean you're ignorant about something.

Silence can mean you are sitting quietly with your thoughts, holding in consciousness the world you wish to see before you.

When you hear something in the news, the 1% have put it there for a reason.  I am not psychopathic, so it's hard to understand why the 1% do anything, but I would guess it's to create dissension among the people. How many average citizens would start bullying someone who wasn't outwardly speaking in support of George Floyd and the current riots?  Since average citizens have Astral body imperfections, I would guess many.  I also see, due to those same Astral body imperfections, that some people will speak up just so they are not judged and ridiculed when in fact, they may not want to.  If you are doing things from the wrong heart, that is only contributing negative energy to any situation.  The 1% want a war to happen on the grounds of the United States so that they can bring in martial law and can take over.  They can bring the New World Order to the forefront and lock you down. This psy-op is helping with pitting person against person. They can trust the humans will just react. They play humans through their emotions all the time. Stop being played! Wake up to the 1%'s Agenda.  They know how to work your Astral body against you when you won't even acknowledge its existence.

The other reason they allow news to be broadcast is to inform you of their plans.  Are you ready to start paying attention, or do you choose to be out of control emotionally until they have you?]

[Of course in 2020, governors can go ahead and give drugs and alcohol to the homeless without a permit, but you can't. You cannot be caring person performing loving acts for the homeless without a permit. And by the way, permits cost money. You are a slave.  you have to give them money even when you are being nice or loving.  They legislate everything.  Feelings are of humans.  They are making your humanness wrong.]

[Sewercide, did you know?


[Rainwater collection was illegal in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Colorado Springs and Australia, but all may have changed now thanks to human outcry:

Fluoridated water:


[Produce gardens were a battle from long ago.  I fought against the legislation attempts long beofre I started fighting 5G:]

AI 1%:

4G/5G/60gHz/cell phones:

[Stop watching the news.  It's time to realize there's a lot you don't know about the jeopardy in which you stand!]

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