Saturday, June 6, 2020

Proof Fear is Creative and Life Can Be Limitless

[Hold your palms together.  Drop the longer hand by your side.  Close your eyes and see your shorter hand reach to the stars.  Open your eyes and place your palms together.  This is Debra Greene’s exercise that can prove how powerful your thoughts are.

If you are choosing anger and fear right now, you are contributing to that field.  Think of Love.  Concentrate on your Light.

Turn off the TV.

Concentrate on the limitless aspect of life that you want.

People with peace, integrity, kindness and ethics in their hearts can teleport freely.  

People can commune with Nature, humans and animals from Love.

People can enjoy Tesla technology instead of paying electric companies, and SMART meters are retired.

Governments have been held accountable for their crimes against humanity and have been retired.

Frequency dictates levels of freedom that humans know.  If one chooses to lie, cheat, rape, steal, kill, etc, the slower frequency shuts them out of free experiences such as teleporting, accessing free energy, etc.  Governments are not needed as each individual is instantly held accountable for their thoughts, words and actions.  

A split is occurring.  Some are already choosing to remain in a dense third dimensional prison, while others are experiencing the top frequency of 3D.

Your thoughts are choosing for you.  Do you want to be a victim or a creator of peace?
Place your hands together.  Drop the longer hand by your side.  See your shorter hand reach for the stars…Oh, wait.  This does not work now, right?  Why?  Because we already thought our short hand longer.  So let us think our world away from fear.  Let us stop complaining and start creating peace.

Now, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

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