Sunday, June 7, 2020

Martial Law is in the Numbers

Well, Zach points out that the numbers show Martial Law for June 8, 2020.  I don't know what's going on out there, but since Zach also mentioned a Netflix movie that has just come out, I reckon the crowds will be zapped with frequency to make them frenzy today.

This show on Netflix is about frequency being used on people, though for the opposite of frenzy.  See, if they can get a crowd in one spot...and multiple "one spots" at that...then they can frequency that group, or have a pathogen released onto that group.  They can do any number of things.  Have these 60 gHz chips been strategically placed in "hot spots," where protesters go?  Are military-like vehicles going to move in and do the zapping?  I suppose those of you who watch the news will know and I'll see your reactions through your posts on Facebook to see if this came about or not.

Let's hope everyone stays home and foils the 1%'s plans!

Watch the whole thing for a fantastic introduction to this Plandemic 2020's moving parts:

This weapon is perhaps to be used on crowd after silent frequency gets people in a frenzy (since some people are reporting hearing something and wondering if practicing is happening):

Start at roughly 1:54:00 for George Floyd Psy-Op. From the beginning, I wondered if he's five million richer on an island as I presume Epstein is, or if he was ritually murdered to advance the agenda.  Funny how he and Epstein had the same doctor at their autopsies.  Hmmm:

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