Monday, July 27, 2020

The “Elite” Can’t Hold Their Human Form

[The so-called “elite” would understand natural phenomena such as increased photons coming to Earth as average humans wouldn’t.  They would be aware that all lifestreams around the known, as well unknown (by humans) Verses (Uni, Multi, etc).  This would mean that the controllers, the “elite” and company, would be aware of the more positive lifestreams accessing this Light and grounding it on 3D Earth.  They would’ve foreseen a time when “holding their form” would be challenging, thus the extreme measures of control since the mid-1700’s and the rush for Agenda 21 to be implemented outwardly…no more covert control of the USA, for example.

With Light, it is difficult for non-humans to hold their human form.  It would be best to disclose at least some information related to UFO’s and extraterrestrials in general beforehand.  But more than this, perhaps they want all to become completely fed up with liar humans first.  So, if any of the elite are human, they could serve to make you suspicious of them.  Ah, listening to the Draco Reptili*ns may be a proposed choice. 

Don’t do it.

Whatever may seem human to us may be Artificial Intelligence or an entity of some sort and part of the script.  Know that you can be made to see and think whatever they want you to if you don’t acknowledge they have that technology, and therefore, you can’t stop it.

Things may be very confusing while they are trying to get you to turn your Free Will over to the “Aliens.”  Go within and connect with Truth.  Do not give them your Power.

We are almost Free if we will only embrace our Power over their lies.

Hold on.  It’ll be a bumpy ride, but do not choose fear.  You have all you need.  Breathe.  Connect.  Be a user of that which is Within and Without.  Cease being a consumer and slave.

Now, go anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Puzzle Piece I Bring

[The piece of the puzzle I offer is to remind you how powerful you are. There is free energy around you. You have your mind that's inside your cells. You can choose to be a utilizar of what's around you and what talents you have over being the consumer that the 1% have made you.

There's plenty of information out there as to what a virus really is. A virus is a byproduct of you and it is absolutely amazing. You go and party all night and eat incorrectly and your cells try to establish balance after what you did to them. There are also the attacks of the governments of the world so our cells are trying to rebalance themselves. A byproduct is a virus. The reason that we keep on having what is called flu season, isn't because it's contagious. It's because people eat all kinds of candy and do all kinds of behaviors that make their cells imbalanced and they ignore the imbalance, call it dis-ease, in fact; blame a boogeyman pathogen. Play victim. They go to work sick. They still push through.

Bechamp offered a piece of the puzzle. Go and read his work! There's a reason that Pasteur was embraced. Big Pharma could not be what it is today without people believing in the Pasteur meme.

You are being played by your fear. Fear is not a puzzle piece. It does not fit in this picture of community we will create. It keeps you from putting the whole picture together. Fear is creating a lack of community. Fear is promoting ID 2020.

Those without fear are going to create a beautiful picture with all their puzzle pieces coming together. That picture is community. Those of you who are choosing fear will be left out. It's not us who are leaving you behind. You're making a choice.]

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Outside the District of Columbia

Many authors state how you have to choose: either be a citizen of the United States, or a living man.  I find that too challenging in such an ignorant world.  I prefer to stand in the District of Columbia so far with things such as a driver’s license, but that may change if I’m asked to get the Real ID.  I dot my “i” and cross my “t” and look like a citizen of the United States. 

But let me tell you what I do outside the District of Columbia, and believe me, half the battle is recognizing the Communist regime that is on the surface and that there is another jurisdiction hidden beneath it.

I wrote a letter to the effect of…(You see, I did this back in the beginning of March and can’t remember my exact words)…

To Whom It May Concern,

I :Jane :Jones ©, being a living man in the country California of the States of the Union hereby declare that I do not give permission to be vaccinated, tested for covid or anything else, masked, forced into isolation, forced to physically distance myself from other people (both living men and citizens), nor anything against my will.

Bright Day,
:Jane :Jones ©
:Jane :Jones ©

The envelope this letter was placed in was sent to myself through the General Post-Office within the Judicial District and the “stamp,” my signature, was cancelled by the Post Office.  From what I’ve learned, the Post Office holds the most power and the postbox is the court.  

See the stamp in the upper right-hand corner? I placed one of those on the back of my letter. It is said that if an official turns your paper over, they can say they don't see a letter from you, so it's obvious that that is my letter.

Now, I don’t know what good it’ll do me with a bunch of ignorant officials, but I hold in consciousness that if I don’t step into the District of Columbia, I will be okay until arriving at someone who does know.  It gives me something akin to hope at any rate.

I recommend reading The Red Amendment for some information on legislation in the US.
On Youtube: The Justinian Deception and many others who have their point of view.

You may place the envelopes in any USPS mailbox. Packages, you take into the post office and hand them to the USPS worker. They cannot hand it back to you because that is obstructing the delivery of mail. They have received it. You just tell them, "It's prepaid. It's fine." They will look at you with suspicion and say that they don't think that it'll get anywhere, but they'll put it in the mail anyway. And you say, "Thank you," and leave. I have sent these letters internationally and I have sent packages across the United States... without paying any money.

The Same Program

The mind control program that was used on the masses related to vaccines is being used on the masses related to masks.

Neither has been proven safe, effective, or necessary, yet both are being pushed onto the public.  Not only are they being forced onto the public without any proof of the 1% and Big Pharma-sponsored scientists’ and medical practitioners’ claims, but those who do not get vaccinated and those who do not wear masks are being set up as the carriers of deadly diseases and the reason terrible sicknesses can happen to others. 

Further, with both, one cannot test either against a placebo because then that “endangers” the non-vaccinated and the non-mask wearers of the studies.  How the 1 % can even make that claim without proof to support it, proves it is a mind control prompt to which the public will mindlessly snap at attention and agree. 

Bullying healthy people who do not receive vaccines and who do not wear masks makes perfect sense to those who have never studied non-commercial scientific-proven data such as Béchamp’s.  

It is incredible to those who research beyond Big Pharma-sponsored trolls how often these same old programs have been used on the masses over the centuries.  In fact, vaccines have been proven unsafe, ineffective, and unnecessary.  The same may be said for masks!

Just so you know.  A computer, Artificial Intelligence, compiled many so-called studies on mask-wearing and spat out weak results, calling it a meta-analysis.  Prior to this covid-meme, citizens being masked was only done in certain cultures to those  who are seen as unworthy or for religious control.  There was no real data for the computer to pull.  You are the experiment if you are wearing a mask and you are an average citizen.  The 1% and AI want at least eight million of you dead.  They told you so in their scripts.  Are eight million of you wearing masks?

The public are inflamed to fear and to be angry at those who do not get vaccinated and who do not wear masks.  As both vaccines and masks make the public sick, the healthy non-vaccinated and non-mask wearers will be blamed.  Let’s face it.  People who research and work hard to be mindful with their thoughts, actions, dietary choices, social choices are not victims to the 1% and Big Pharma’s propaganda.  Those who get vaccinated and wear masks most likely choose to sit in front of the TV or some other device, stuffing their faces with junk food, blaming others for their woes.

It’s easy to be a victim.

Further, the same nasty name-calling from those who have been programmed…and by the way…who have allowed themselves to be programmed comes from the vaccinated and the mask-wearers. 

You may live in fear if you want to.  We choose to live without harming our bodies with the same program used for vaccines as masks!


You may not be aware of this, but since the late 1800’s, there have been two scientific/medical trains of thought.  In the one camp were and are people such as Pasteur (with those who promoted Germ Theory and vaccinations) and in the other, people such as Béchamp (internal terrain/microzymas). The Pasteur side was funded and supported by what became known as the One Percent Elite (rich folk/Big Pharma to-be).  The other side were and still are the non-commercial scientists and doctors who did not have to sign a contract of silence and compliance.

Of course, if you are going to follow Bill Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma and company, you will be convinced that there is an alive boogeyman in the air that will kill you...Further, it can attack you from healthy people.  You will be made to feel powerless and a victim of those who are not vaccinated and who do not wear a mask.  You will believe their data related to so-called "covid deaths" without any thought to investigate their narrative.

Then there are those who follow their intuition and prior education on the “elite” and their very open plans for humanity.  They will search for like-minded scientists and doctors who are not on Big Pharma’s payroll. They will search for those who know about the workings of the human body contrary to the limited way that Big Pharma-sponsored medical schools indoctrinate their students.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Leonard Horowitz, and Andrew Mouldan are three scientist/medical persons you can choose to investigate to help break out of the programming that has been done to you.  (The governments of the world are harming environments and bodies with 4G and Wi-Fi to name two things.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why, if they are so concerned with boogeymen in the air, that they wouldn’t stop them?)  You are not weak.  Your body is amazing.  You do not need to blame anyone for your state of health.

I've noticed that usually people who are not wearing masks are mostly not identifying as Democrat. I am not a Democrat, pro-Trump, nor a Q-Anon. I identify living man of the country California. I send post through the Judicial District, not the District of Columbia, and without stamps.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Lice in Schools

[In 2013  the CDC informed me that lice was not a health threat so we couldn't ask kids to stay home. Some bus drivers got away with not allowing kids with lice on the busses, but not all.

What was intersecting was that it bothered the same 50% of the class the entire school year. There were some who never got it even with close interaction. The adults, too. We worked closely with all the kids. None of us got it. I didn't always have my hair up. I could see all stages of the lice in the children's hair. Including the adults falling off of their hair on to the table with death.

I'm saying that cleanliness goes a long way, but also a person's internal terrain.

Bechamp is worth looking into if anyone thinks that just because something is supposedly in the air that it can hurt them.

As a side note, to the teacher who made the comment in the meme above... Coronavirus is a common cold. Humans have been told that common cold spreads. But what's really happening is that you have overworked or eating too much sugar or had too much stress or some other thing and your cells have become imbalanced. Your body is trying to rebalance itself.

Within each cell, a by-product is left and it is known as a virus. There are a couple types of coronaviruses that can be these exosomes of sorts. It is not surprising that with the attacks that the governments of the world are doing on us, that our bodies are probably creating different kinds of viruses in response to the different kinds of attacks that are imbalancing your cells.]

Merck Manual: Coronavirus is mentioned once under common cold.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Helplessness is a Choice

[Even though we know there isn't any exosome/virus (that came from our cells as a byproduct after an attempt to balance) floating around in the air, alive and ready to attack us... we can't say that there's nothing in the air.

Compliments of the governments of the world, we have 4G, 5G, 60 gigahertz chips, Wi-Fi, SMART meters, nanoparticulates, a variety of heavy metals and other ingredients from geoengineering, the shedding of engineered viruses from the vaccinated and chlorinated steam in showers...and let's not forget nuclear plants spewing radiation.

It's amusing to me that with everything that people could fear if they really wanted to be in a state of fear, the government has given them plenty of fuel. But instead, they're choosing to fear a common cold that isn't even in the air!

Now, the news is going to tell you differently, but just because the person standing next to you is feeling ill doesn't mean that you are going to get ill. Natural processes do not need to be feared. You may want to take some time to contemplate the biowarfare that the government is tweaking in their labs that they have planned for you, however, especially the lab-tweaked viruses that they want to inject into you.  But know this, for every commercialized scientist who has told the story of a germ in the air that can hurt you, there is another scientist who has proven otherwise. Maybe you might want to turn off the TV and take some time to go and find the scientists, because they've been around for a really long time.]

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dis-easement Causes Illness

[You know, there are few things that can make any dis-ease a really bad experience or the opposite without a boogeyman being in the air. There's a reason that some of us who have studied Germ Theory and about cell byproducts (viruses/exosomes) can't be pulled into the narrative about Covid-19 and the common cold known as coronavirus. Add in our education on EMF's, 5G, 60 gigahertz chips, Wi-Fi, vaccines, HAARP, Agenda 21...including ID 2020 (social credit system, AI, etc.) and there's no way we can unknow what we know just to become another reactionary.

If you're extremely deficient, something like Acutonics can help give you energy if the practitioner knows where acupuncture points are that can help with tonifying specific meridians. If you have run yourself into the ground by overworking, for example, then there's no fuel there for your body to help you. Acutonics is nice and gentle. It won't draw on your Qi. It just gives and gives and gives so it's fantastic if you're extremely depleted. But you have to acknowledge what you did that made you so depleted and not do that again. Accept responsibility for the state you're in, because you contributed to your internal terrain by your thoughts, your actions, your diet, how you socialize and exercise, etc. For instance, have you been in perpetual fear for four months? Have you been compulsively checking statistics of something that puts you in fear? This will cause liver Qi stagnation which supports systemic dis-easement. Have you been wearing a mask? You've not only been depleting your oxygen, you've been increasing your carbon dioxide load which leads to all kinds of dis-easement within yourself. What about EMF toxicity? Have you been on the internet without going and putting your feet in some soil to help drain the static electricity? Have you been on the internet more than usual? Have you been watching TV more than usual? Have you been drinking a good amount of clean water? Can an internal terrain be mistreated in a certain manner and not have any dis-easement?

How many viruses were a byproduct from your cells due to imbalance trying to rebalance? Is it a mild experience because you are only slightly doing things that were putting your cells in jeopardy, or were you doing something extreme against your own personal wellness and balance, and have a lot of by-products (viruses) been formed? All those viruses in your blood are as debris and now your liver and your kidneys and everything is having to filter harder. Now, examine what actions you did that forced your cells into imbalance so that then they had to go and rebalance themselves, making this byproduct. While you're at it, do not overlook the vaccines that you have received. If you have even had one vaccine in your life, then you have brought engineered viruses into your system. What used to be a virus/exosome within an animal's tissue (due to that animal's cells trying to rebalance) have been tweaked in a lab and are now a bioweapon. What kind of imbalance is that creating your system?

Finally, are you taking Western Medicine? It doesn't matter whether it's a pill that you pop, an injection that you receive, or liquid that you swallow. If it was put out by Big Pharma, it was not made to support your body. It was made to suppress symptoms. That makes it even harder for your body to rebalance itself. It's counterintuitive.

So you may be really miserable, but could it quite possibly be because of your outlook on life, such as fearing the air and believing in Germ Theory...not because of that person over there not wearing a mask and not believing the narrative related to Plandemic 2020?

The gap just seems to be getting further and further between those who listen to the 1% and Big Pharma and their narrative, and scientists and doctors who are not affiliated with the 1% or Big Pharma. I feel content, happy and safe in my choice to not follow the narrative even though I've read their plans that go way back stating how they plan to kill 8 million to 6 billion humans. Can you say the same? You know, in A Course in Miracles it asks, "Would you rather be right or happy?]

Monday, July 6, 2020

Timelines Following Frequency

[Have you ever experimented with taking yourself above the 3D?

An example would be if you had an infection and you needed to get into a medical building to see your naturopathic doctor but there was a Nazi nurse outside who needed to take your temperature first, and you knew you had a fever because of the infection but you also knew that you needed to get into that building because you didn't have covid! So the nurse takes your temperature and it's 97.1 but when you get into the building and see your naturopathic doctor, it's 100.1! For a second, you took yourself above 3D.

Likewise, have you ever felt the fear that is a reaction to what you hear happening on the news? That fear makes your energy condense, slow down, tighten up.

Everyday you are choosing a timeline, so to speak.

Now, I assume there's only about five of you who will like what this video has to say. So I reckon there's only about five of you who would be interested in my manuscript on this kind of stuff.😂 I have been researching frequency and the 1% for close to 30 years... which is amazing since I'm only about 34! 😉

But I am seeing the split just like you are. There are two groups that are forming even within the most dense timeline.

Each individual had a plan before incarnating, but in my opinion, even that is of the "Matrix."
Every soul is a soul no matter where they are on a human timeline. Groups of souls split of from the All together, but even some of them can get out of the "Matrix" while others may stay. Timelines are of the "Matrix."

Frequency dictates choices available to us, but our choices right now determine frequency, too.

No matter which timeline, you can downshift nourishment into your being if you remember how. The only thing is, if people are going to serve themselves completely, that shuts the other two options off...or at least makes it more challenging to connect with.

I actually see these three options available to us every single day. We can choose to rise above 3D in any moment. Children or anyone can. I think frequency "breaks" families apart all the time. Some people just don't get other people even when they share blood.

When I saw that the 1% were coming after the food supply and I thought about what kind of disharmony that's going to create on this dense 3D, I started practicing with downloading nourishment and feeling full. It can be done. And I'm doing that standing here in the 3D with everyone else.

It was interesting for me to hear this man say "anchoring Light." I have been feeling what's been coming to Earth since at least 2001 and have been anchoring it. And we actually need to anchor it on purpose because we are humans and we are here and we can anchor it better than some other groups.]

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pitting Human Against Human

[Is your governor trying to pit person against person? Is your governor sure to label anyone who doesn't wear a mask as inconsiderate, not valuing community, and not caring about other people?

That is programming people to see those who are not wearing a mask as hostile. This in and of itself could start riots.

One thing that I learned during the last almost 4 months is that the majority of people who believe in the covid-19 narrative and fear "death by virus" are the Democrats. Correct me if I'm wrong. I only know one Democrat personally who is aware of the narrative and the psyop that is occurring. (And for the record, I am neither Republican or Democrat. I look at them like they are two sides of the same coin. They are both the 1%.)

I've also learned that the majority of people who are not for citizens being armed are Democrats.

So chances are that a person who is wearing a mask and comes at a person who is not wearing a mask  is going to be a Democrat.

Well be careful, because that person who doesn't wear a mask...could be carrying a gun.

Don't let politicians work you into fear to the extent where you look at a person with a naked face as a killer...Because they just might end up one!

Be careful. I've seen how successful each and every program that they have done on humans (especially through the news) has been successful. There's no reason to think that this program coming from a politician's mouth isn't going to be successful. They want 8 million to 6 billion of us dead. And they don't care how many of us kill each other on the way. It's entertainment for them.

Humans, whether they have a mask on or not, are not the enemy to each other.

AI and the 1% are coming for you.]