Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Same Program

The mind control program that was used on the masses related to vaccines is being used on the masses related to masks.

Neither has been proven safe, effective, or necessary, yet both are being pushed onto the public.  Not only are they being forced onto the public without any proof of the 1% and Big Pharma-sponsored scientists’ and medical practitioners’ claims, but those who do not get vaccinated and those who do not wear masks are being set up as the carriers of deadly diseases and the reason terrible sicknesses can happen to others. 

Further, with both, one cannot test either against a placebo because then that “endangers” the non-vaccinated and the non-mask wearers of the studies.  How the 1 % can even make that claim without proof to support it, proves it is a mind control prompt to which the public will mindlessly snap at attention and agree. 

Bullying healthy people who do not receive vaccines and who do not wear masks makes perfect sense to those who have never studied non-commercial scientific-proven data such as Béchamp’s.  

It is incredible to those who research beyond Big Pharma-sponsored trolls how often these same old programs have been used on the masses over the centuries.  In fact, vaccines have been proven unsafe, ineffective, and unnecessary.  The same may be said for masks!

Just so you know.  A computer, Artificial Intelligence, compiled many so-called studies on mask-wearing and spat out weak results, calling it a meta-analysis.  Prior to this covid-meme, citizens being masked was only done in certain cultures to those  who are seen as unworthy or for religious control.  There was no real data for the computer to pull.  You are the experiment if you are wearing a mask and you are an average citizen.  The 1% and AI want at least eight million of you dead.  They told you so in their scripts.  Are eight million of you wearing masks?

The public are inflamed to fear and to be angry at those who do not get vaccinated and who do not wear masks.  As both vaccines and masks make the public sick, the healthy non-vaccinated and non-mask wearers will be blamed.  Let’s face it.  People who research and work hard to be mindful with their thoughts, actions, dietary choices, social choices are not victims to the 1% and Big Pharma’s propaganda.  Those who get vaccinated and wear masks most likely choose to sit in front of the TV or some other device, stuffing their faces with junk food, blaming others for their woes.

It’s easy to be a victim.

Further, the same nasty name-calling from those who have been programmed…and by the way…who have allowed themselves to be programmed comes from the vaccinated and the mask-wearers. 

You may live in fear if you want to.  We choose to live without harming our bodies with the same program used for vaccines as masks!


You may not be aware of this, but since the late 1800’s, there have been two scientific/medical trains of thought.  In the one camp were and are people such as Pasteur (with those who promoted Germ Theory and vaccinations) and in the other, people such as Béchamp (internal terrain/microzymas). The Pasteur side was funded and supported by what became known as the One Percent Elite (rich folk/Big Pharma to-be).  The other side were and still are the non-commercial scientists and doctors who did not have to sign a contract of silence and compliance.

Of course, if you are going to follow Bill Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma and company, you will be convinced that there is an alive boogeyman in the air that will kill you...Further, it can attack you from healthy people.  You will be made to feel powerless and a victim of those who are not vaccinated and who do not wear a mask.  You will believe their data related to so-called "covid deaths" without any thought to investigate their narrative.

Then there are those who follow their intuition and prior education on the “elite” and their very open plans for humanity.  They will search for like-minded scientists and doctors who are not on Big Pharma’s payroll. They will search for those who know about the workings of the human body contrary to the limited way that Big Pharma-sponsored medical schools indoctrinate their students.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Leonard Horowitz, and Andrew Mouldan are three scientist/medical persons you can choose to investigate to help break out of the programming that has been done to you.  (The governments of the world are harming environments and bodies with 4G and Wi-Fi to name two things.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why, if they are so concerned with boogeymen in the air, that they wouldn’t stop them?)  You are not weak.  Your body is amazing.  You do not need to blame anyone for your state of health.

I've noticed that usually people who are not wearing masks are mostly not identifying as Democrat. I am not a Democrat, pro-Trump, nor a Q-Anon. I identify living man of the country California. I send post through the Judicial District, not the District of Columbia, and without stamps.

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