Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gender Confusion & Infertility from Vaccines

Up until recently...within my lifetime...when one person had the DNA of the opposite sex within them, it was due to that person having been a twin.  You see, a fraternal twin which absorbs the other twin, now has the DNA of the opposite sex within him or her.

Flash forward to the present...Many unsuspecting pregnant mothers who were exposed to rubella during pregnancy were convinced to abort their babies through fear.  Amazingly, only about 2 out of 80 babies sacrificed had contracted rubella.  (Perhaps the other 78 mothers had awesome natural immunity due to being happy, etc.  Never let anyone convince you to sacrifice your children.) Anyway, thanks to the boy's DNA and girl's DNA being in 3 shots that people routinely put into their kids, we have rampant infertility and gender confusion.  Yes, glyophosphate and some other pesticides are altering humans, but did you know what vaccines are doing to them?  Listen to Maricella and read Wise Geek's information on Chimerism if you want to know more.

Marcella Piper-Terry tells it to you straight.

What Is Chimerism?

Vaccines can cause auto=immune diseases, too.  Vaccines may cause microchimerism as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vaccines Alter Our Systems

Rely on your own system over vaccines.  Vaccines make your system switch like a train on tracks heading for health naturally and then suddenly switched to a different track going a different direction.  Breastfeeding over formula is also discussed.  Please watch them and understand how ridiculous the vaccination program is.