Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Thoughts on The Hunger Games Series and Our Reality

I have not read any of The Hunger Games series, so I do not know for certain that my guesses are accurate, but have had people well versed in the subject think I have read the series.   I just feel that books and movies serve to inform the public about what is happening under their noses, but also to teach what the desired reaction should be from the masses.  My prediction may be way wrong, but I reckon the whole Hunger Games series has to end with the people revolting violently against the establishment, being victorious and free in the end.  In this so called real life situation, (that the system has worked very tirelessly to set up for eons) reading about or seeing a successful revolution can put us into a frame of mind where we will do the same.  Thus we will end up in so called “districts” with stiffer regulations imposed, because we actually believed fighting was the way out.  Then after years, we can revolt again, because the books and movies told us that we would be successful eventually. 
In order to get out of the so called Agenda 21, we need to do it in another way other than to revolt.  The books/movies out these days set us up for failure if we think we can bring down the system with the violence that the system workers started.  One step to succeed away from our “districts” is to see the illusion of our powerlessness and do little empowering things.  Examples: Research so you can say no to doctors and their drug pushing.  Stop getting information about products from their advertisements and/or doctors.  Do your best to eat organic, homegrown, nonGMOed foods.  Do your best to not “eat out” and to eat foods with as little ingredients as possible on the label.  Recognize that the education system was designed to destroy the family unit and to create hoodlums.   If you work in a school system, research the educational system including books by Gatto and on the Sudbury School.  Recognize if you are being the robot teacher they want you to be, stopping a child’s free thinking and revolt against that by listening to the child and supporting him or her.  Do high-vibrational healing work in order to become less dense and gunked up.  Especially if you are a police officer, military personal, or someone who is placed with the job of removing people from their homes, or depriving them of their natural rights, say no and stop supporting the system.  Open your heart chakras.  Integrate your pain.  In a nutshell, if there is an injustice occurring, stand up against it.  Just simply do not participate in it, like in not answering your phone if some part of the system is trying to force personal information out of you for their “survey.” 
I wonder why no-one has questioned how a story about children killing children became so popular.  How did a publishing house just know that this was a story line that the public would gobble up now at this time?  They knew.   Through video games purchased, through the drama that the media spills out to its gullible audience, by the way it seems that GMO labeling was voted down in California and President Obama was voted in, and probably many other mechanisms by which we are being gauged and rated, they knew.   
Governments all around the world since the dawning of governments have bullied the masses into slavery.  This is nothing new.  On their road to accomplishing this end, they have moved people out of their territories and murdered them.  Both Australia and America come to mind in recent history for getting to where they are today by destruction and displacement.   The idea of Reservations has been around since at least 1608.  If we’re not careful, the new word will be Cities.