Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Encounters with a Psychic

Back in about February 2003, I attended an expo in Los Angeles. I was walking and I could feel somebody looking at me. When I turned I saw this man, who later I learned was named Sean David Morton. He was standing up from his table where he was apparently giving a reading to somebody and he just stood there staring at me. I sheilded myself because I felt he was trying to read my aura and know about me. Even if it was recognition on some level, it felt invasive. I continued walking.

Somehow, by about 2004, I I knew that he had made some kind of a prediction and I wanted to document that prediction in a manuscript I was writing because it was proof of something that I had felt. It turned out that the CDs that I had ordered were not what I had wanted. I listened to all of them and none of them talked about the situation that I was trying to document. I sent the CDs back.

His company refused to give me a refund. I got on the phone and had a conversation with his wife. She was very aggressive and angry, even accused me of copying the CDs. She would not believe me that I did not copy the CDs and she would not give me the $65 back. She also would not help me find the information that I was trying to get in the first place.

One of the reasons I could hardly wait to get rid of those CDs was because there is an entity with him that I called the Scrambler. Because of the way that the energy moved and felt to me as I was listening to those CDs, I thought of it as the Scrambler. I still have never run into anything like it. When I went on their website, I also could feel the Scrambler. In fact, I called a friend of mine and had her go on the website and she called me immediately, laughing asking, "Why in the world did you set me up like that? You did know that thing was there, right?" And I admitted I had known. But it was fun to have a friend who could feel entities along with you, you know?

I let it go. I really didn't want to have anything to do with those people and that entity.

Fast forward all these years and here we are in lockdown. I don't know if China has been put on lockdown again or if they are still out of lockdown, but I do know that Sean predicted that the United States would be attacked from the north (Canada) by the Chinese. He also mentioned there was another group that was going to come up from the south, and Mexico is not on lockdown. (And California did just release 1,700 prisoners! They could very easily find employment with an army. And I am reminded that Obama went down to Cuba a long time ago, and he too could have organized some kind of army.) It seems to me that this is the perfect environment for an invasion to happen. (And it would be easy to believe that this  conglomerate of countries that are now known as states have  a lot of karma  that perhaps needs to be paid back...) And Sean also said that Denver would be the new capital...I guess after the dust settles. We all know about the underground Grand Central Station that's underneath Denver. So, it would make sense that that would be a capital.

 So I just did a quick little search on him to see what he's been up to all these years. Wouldn't you know it, there were people who are not happy with their business around 2006.

Anyway, some of his predictions did come true such as Arnold becoming the governor of California when we only knew this person as an...I'm not really sure we can say actor...well, yea...but definitely as a personality in action movies that many of us loved.

Sean did not get the prisoner get out of jail free card because of covid-19, and I sure hope the fragments of his prediction that I remember don't come true!

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