Sunday, May 3, 2020

Re-Member: Put it all Together Again

["Multiple microbiome is in and on you. We label some of it good, some bad.

The truth is that it is all good.

It indicates to you how you are doing like a barometer. If you are stressed, what you call bad will seemingly take over and proliferate. Part of that are the byproducts of re-balancing cells. Part of it is an internal terrain that feeds the so-called bad bacteria. You are in control of that by your thought, word, & food choices.

Western Medicine is a religion that got you to be helpless and a victim who needs the drug gods.

The 1% so-called elite, Big Pharma and AI (and other non-humans) can't control you if you can re-member.

So come on, re-member. Put it all together again. Step back and observe how this religion got you to fear the unvaccinated with their propaganda. Next, they convinced you to fear the healthy. Now, they've got you fearing all humans.

Please stop. You are on a runaway train. Breathe. Take back your Power. It never deserted you. You deserted it.  That's all. It can be undone.

 Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!"

 -Paget Anne of Essendon]

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