Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Contrived Great Awakening: The Red-coated Blue Pill

     Here’s the thing.  I had typed this title on Word but hadn’t had an opportunity to write my thoughts down.  I knew exactly the points I wished to make and what it was exactly that I felt.  All of a sudden, I saw The Highwire sent a notification to my computer and it beckoned me to come and watch the mass great awakening!  I literally gasped.  That was verification enough for me that I am correct in recognizing the contrived great awakening.

     Rashid Buttar has gained such fame lately and he isn’t a special doctor who has known about vaccines forever, for instance.  To me, he is groomed and though he maybe speaking his sudden truth, he feels controlled to me, as if the Agenderers are allowing him to be heard.  Of course, this and that will be deleted lest someone figure it out, but my point is, the 1% want him heard.  With all he says, he will not claim to be anti-vaccine.  Perhaps that’s key.

     Then there’s Dr. Judy Mikovitz.  Yes, she went through a lot and supposedly has the documents to share with us.  They let her live.  Andrew Moulden, Jeff Bradstreet, OMG, so many did not get to live.  But she did.  Not only that, even with all of her videos that they take down, there’s always more videos to replace them.  Further, she has two books that spell everything out for us.  With all that she says, she will not claim to be anti-vaccine.  Isn’t that a little strange?  Judy warns about the tweaked, unpredictable viruses within vaccines, but is not publicly anti-vaccine?  Hmmm!!!

     I have been sharing the great work of the many, including Judy, for years…to crickets.  No-one cared to watch several informative posts in the past.  No-one has been interested in my warning about vaccines, nor cared to hear about Agenda 21 or 5G or SMART meters.  All of a sudden, these two doctors are breaking through to normal everyday Joes!  Last night, I was in my front yard and even witnessed a young man walking, holding his phone, listening on speaker to Judy!  I have never witnessed random people listening to the information that I listen to!

     The 1% are planning a huge kill and to imprison the survivors within ID 2020.  Do they want to come clean first and do they think that too many will be snuffed out so that knowledge won’t matter?  Just know this.  The 1% always announce their intentions, and information on their intentions has been available for a very long time.  If you are new to it, what has shifted?  Are you able to ground more Light compared to the past?  Or is it simply that now your Friends' feed on Facebook has many who are openly posting the "truths" so it feels more acceptable to believe these truths, or to come out of the closet?

      So, if it is contrived to allow the so-called masses to awaken to this information that is being told now…why?  Why now?  Is it because this is the moment, which I wish it was for the Red Pill to be gulped down and, walla, people will see the truth?  Or more realistically, is it not an awakening at all, just a red-coated blue pill?

:(      :(      :(      :(      :(     :(     :(     :(     :(    :(      :(      :(      :(     :(     :(     :(      :(     :(

     Heavy sigh!  I think these doctors are telling a lot of truth, but are controlled opposition.  We can turn them off every time we see them, or keep on our toes and see if we can figure out if they are meant to be a) a savior so we don’t feel alone, b) proven frauds so people’s hopes will be decimated, or c) ‘voiceboxes’ to share some truths and intentions that have to be shared, or d) other…?  But propaganda or truth outside of yourself really isn't important right now.  Phase 2 may be on the horizon and we need to be careful.  One thing we know for certain is the governments of the world have legislation in place to hurt usmandatory vaccinations and the implementation of communication (4G/5G) no matter how badly health is harmedso we know the jeopardy in which we stand. 

     The most important thing for you to do right now is to focus on your gut or intuition, depending on your frequency, without taking your eye off the ball. We have to keep ourselves safe from biowarfare and EMF exposure.  We have to not go out when we know we shouldn’t as per our gut or intuition.  Pretend that every Red Pill that comes along is really a Blue Pill in disguise until you have 100% proven which it is to yourself.  Look for the possible 20% lies, or the one incongruous statement.  The 1% kill by the numbers and these two may complete their usefulness and be targeted, especially if it will help us to believe them more fully, but for now, they can support the contrived pseudo awakening. 

May 9, 2020:
Know that overall, I trust Judy.  She says things I've already found to be true.  For instance, Leonard Horowitz called Fauci a fraud years ago.  I also already know about tweaked viruses within vaccines that in my view, makes it biowarfare.  If Judy says something new to me, I shelve it and sit with it.  If she says something that bothers me such as, "I'm not anti-vaccines," that bothers me, so I know I'm not reliant on her.  (For example, I don't say I'm not and then the negative.  She could have said, "I am pro-vaccine."  That just makes my eyebrows raise, knowing how the 1% love words and numbers and all.  I wonder if in those moments, they had taken the wheel.

The more controversy she gets, the better her movie will do.

Is it time for the masses to know things, so is she a voicebox?

Is this all to set pro-vaxxers against anti-vaxxers again, especially in light of the vaccine that is being proposed? 

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  1. It is possible that Judy is against Big Pharma type, CDC schedule, kind of vaccines and that what she's thinking in her mind is the injection of interferon that she gives herself is a vaccine. In her medical mind, she knows what she means.