Sunday, May 3, 2020

Plandemic 2020: Phase 2

          [Event 201, which scripted a coronavirus outbreak and death of 65 million people six months into it, only says that it was a mistake to let people out of lock down so soon, by way of explaining the sudden huge death toll.  We have been left to wonder how huge numbers are to die, even though we know it will be blamed on covid-19 through the programming. 

Are the masks to make its wearers ill due to lack of oxygen and increased exposure to filth, alongside the stress of wearing the mask?  Is the lock down to make people ill due to isolation: lack of human contact, lack of mixing microbiomes, lack of sunshine, lack of joy, lack of exercise, lack of enrichment, and too much stress? Are the 1% so-called elite going to turn on 5G or 6G or something worse?  Have they a lab-tweaked bioweapon that will be released into the air?  Will they infect the populace with covid-19 (HIV, MRSA, lab-tweaked corona viruses from animals and other ingredients), or some other biowarfare?  Will they mass force vaccinate the populace with covid-19 or some other biowarfare?  Man, the 1% must be rolling in laughter at us mere peasants trying to interpret their script, trying to think the same as psychopaths!

They have interfered with the economy and food supply already.  People are primed being in hysterical fear over covid-19 and that any human can pass it along, including healthy humans.  (Think of that toy car that a child revs up and when they place it on the ground, it zooms along.)  Here’s another possibility to add to the mix.  People only have to perceive a shortage of food, and they will go nuts and become desperate enough to get it.  Forget neighbors helping each other.  After the strongest, best armed men steal anything and everything from the family that was prepared that they just killed, they will turn on each other.  When humans ingest humans, they become even more aggressive…just look at our 1%, but that’s a bad example, because many of them are not human…I guess I could say, just look at society with the aborted fetus tissue having been injected and the rumored thickeners and flavors (in many food and beverage items) that were derived of human fetuses and how aggressive we have already become.  So perhaps another possible reason for the many-millions-dead…at least in the script…could be from civil unrest. 

But there’s more.  I have never seen proof that the 1% do a thing for the reason they tell you.  For example, they didn’t lock us down for our safety.  It was for the demise of community and humans in general, and the economy in order to bring ID 2020 (social credit system, microchipping, vaccinations, snitching, rewarding, etc) online.  So, when they say that they are releasing prisoners because they are concerned the prisoners will catch the bug, you know it’s for another reason.  Sure, we can joke that it was to make room for all the protesting moms, but what if it’s because a certain army is being amassed and these are so-called “hired” guns?  This group certainly wouldn’t have a problem agreeing to a deal in order to get out of prison even if they thought they could back out of it.  I just can’t forget about this group.  Okay, that was the worst-case scenario, but they could perhaps be used to start civil unrest. (We could also be impulsed to fighting through military technology such as 5G.)

There you have it.  Several possibilities if the 1% intend to follow Event 201 and the Rockefeller papers of 2010’s scripts.

But we don’t have to.

We are a community.  We are humans who are capable of caring deeply for each other.

No matter what the 1% tell you, you are worthy and supported.  You can actually gain nourishment from the ethers if you remember how. Gratitude and Peace are about the only requirements.  Well, you would have to remember that you are Light, too.  You know the human body is pretty amazing.  Don’t give up on it.  Work together.  Recognize that some are deeply programmed and may need patience as they’re struggling with fear.  It’s okay.  See the Love that may be in a chest, covered by locked chains, twenty feet under a mound of hurt, behind a dark curtain that is within your fellow man.

Good luck. And congratulations.  You get to be alive at this historical time.  This is the moment.  Forget their stupid scripts.  The victor will write the history books.

What will they say?]

July 11, 2020 update:
The riots didn't work, so they are releasing 8,000 criminals to help have an ecxuse for Martial law...unless they are being hired by China, etc for a "war."

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