Monday, May 25, 2020

I Am Not Responsible for Your Fear


["A woman just said this to me. 'Why are you such a selfish pig? How were you raised? It
must have been terrible for you to turn out so reprehensible.' This is over me not wearing a mask and simply asking for proof of claim that me wearing a mask would save anybody's life?

One thing that this Plandemic 2020 has shown me is that pro-mask-wearers are the same as the pro-vaxxers. With both, all I've ever done is ask for proof of claim. If they are saying that masks or vaccines are safe, effective, or necessary, I'm asking for proof of that. There isn't any.

I suppose both groups just cannot face that they do as they're told and they do not question authority. AI appeals to the emotional side of man and pulls on heartstrings such as, 'You're keeping others safe if you just get a vaccine and wear a mask.'  People only hear that they have to do something they're told to do or people will not be safe.  It's being considerate to follow orders, after all.

Maybe that's really too hard to face.

You can tell that this woman is really activated. I wish she would look at that. She is name-calling because she is so afraid. She is so afraid because she has bought the line (which is a lie) that there is this thing out there that's killing people. (Germ Theory is pushed by Big Pharma so they can have you as a helpless customer for life.)  I have no doubt that the government is going to do something and in fact, they may have already put it in the vaccines that people have already received. They may be doing it with the 5G or 6G or whatever switch they're going to turn on to do a thing. But that's not my problem. I'm trying to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity, but I'm certainly not going to fear them.

My point is, I am not responsible for her fear.

I am responsible when someone tells me I have to have a pharmaceutical injected into me or I have to put a mask over my face to ask, 'Where's the proof of claim?' If they are claiming there is an epidemic, where's the proof? If they are claiming that because there's an epidemic that I have to wear a mask because it protects people, where's the proof? If they are claiming there's an epidemic, and so I have to have a pharmaceutical injected into me though I am healthy, then I'm allowed to ask where's the proof that it's going to save people?

 This woman has been so programmed that when she comes across people who can think for themselves and ask questions, she sees them as being selfish. That blows me away. No wonder the 1% is so convinced they've got you.

They are only millimetres away from getting you.

You see, I think there's a part of this woman that is aware of what's going on and she just can't connect with it. This woman thinks that I deserve to be censured and condemned because I'm asking a question.

Can you see how controlled the masses are now?

I'm asking for proof of claim. That's it. And because of that, in her mind, I deserve to be censured and condemned. Wow.

Yes, I'm holding my center but I am getting very close to mourning the loss of humanity. Oh, I'm going to be fine because I know they're coming after our spirits and I know how to stop them from getting mine, but if people won't even recognize manipulation over a pharmaceutical or a mask, how are they ever going to understand the whole picture about what's going on?

Heavy sigh. So if your vaccine or your mask work, then it should not concern you if I receive a vaccine or not, nor should it concern you if I don a mask or not.

I am not responsible for your health.

I am not responsible for your fear."

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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