Sunday, February 7, 2021

Choose to Be the Parent


[I would like to point something out to y'all. There were rules that said that I had to vaccinate my child or she couldn't go to public school in California. My daughter is an adult and she's never had a vaccine or the vitamin K shot or anything in her whole entire life. (And by the way, independent studies have found that children who never had any vaccine or the vitamin K shot have only a 2% chance of the whole array of problems that other people have. My child became an adult and doesn't go to medical doctors.  I mean, she last saw a medical doctor when we had to get the new kind of Personal Belief Exemption because California changed its legislation.)  I chose to parent her over having the government parent her.

There were rules that my daughter had to have tests in school. Well, I wrote notes all the time saying my child is not taking this test. So she hardly had any of those tests. (And by the way, she passed the exit exam for high school because she took it in one of the early grades and by the time she was a senior no one had to take that test anymore because they were having trouble passing that test.) I chose to parent her over the school system parenting her.

When AB 499 came out, I wrote a note to the school and had my daughter write one as well, which basically said that anytime vaccinations were going to be discussed on campus that she was going to be removed from that situation and go to the office and work on something there. Further, we told them that we're informing them now, through my daughter writing it herself, what her stance is on vaccinations, so they are never to approach her at school and especially without her mother present.  Thanks to AB 499, she was of age, so she was telling them now what her stance was in writing.  I chose to parent her over allowing Governor Brown to parent her.

You are the parent. You get to decide what you want your child to do or you don't want your child to do. 

You get to decide what you want your child to have and what you don't want your child to have. 

When the government is writing legislation saying that they get to boss your child around and that they get to raise your child, that's going too far. You honestly don't have to do any of it. Stand tall in Natural Law. Take responsibility  For your actions, thoughts, words, etc. Parent yourself.

Just like this last year. I wrote to the LA county's and to the California health departments and I asked both of them to show proof that they had isolated this virus floating around in the air. You see, I've studied viruses. I've studied Germ Theory. I know about health. I know about our immune system and what our cells do when they are responding to stress. It doesn't matter what they say I have to do. I am not wearing a mask. I am not washing my hands anymore than I used to. I'm not cleaning anything more than I used to. I'm not separating myself from fellow humans. The government does not need to parent me, especially when I've studied the government for decades and I know their plans: Agenda 21,ID 2020, social system, etc. You know I've studied their scripts. 

Perhaps you like doing as you're told because you don't want to take the time to investigate every single little thing like I have. in choosing to be parented,  You're not choosing to live freely. You're choosing to always be that 3 year old  who does as you're told. You do not need to be parented by the government if you can grow up and really pull up your sleeves and dig in there and see what's there is to be discovered. 

Just don't do the thing that they're trying to force you to do that you don't want to do. And don't get all silly and start saying stuff like, "Oh well, so you can go and murder someone?" There is still Natural Law in place. What I'm saying to you is I answer to something a lot higher than someone who's posing as a human, who's posing as something there for the good of people of countries.

I can parent myself because I have risen above the 3D. I'm not just stuck in duality,  they're naturally I experienced it because I'm here on through the Earth. I've taken myself out of it and looked down on it and understood things that are going on. I knew about vaccines and how they're biowarfare. I knew that governments of the world can bring humans down through what they inject I to us. They've tried various things such as engineering the weather, spraying things on the population through the decades, (such as mycoplasma over the population of Winnipeg in the 50s), and into subway systems (such as in London in 1964).

I've seen how the public school system was started at gunpoint in the 1850s because people didn't want to send their children out of the homes for education.  (And it's interesting that this is around the time of the so-called mud floods.) Parents back then saw that public school was actually a place of indoctrination. I supplemented what my daughter learned at school with what I taught her at home. I supplemented it also by putting her in a car or putting her in a plane and taking her places and letting her see for herself. I chose to parent my child.

By the way, you have the power to stop what Clinton signed in 1996 that gave permission for authorities to hurt human health as long as it has to do with communication. Get rid of the cell phone. Ether cable your internet. Get a landline. Get rid of your SMART meter. Get rid of every single SMART appliance you own because it's just leading you to ID 2020.  what I'm saying is just because they put words on paper, doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it. You still hold the power. I also stopped a cell tower from being erected in Harbor City in spite of section 704, which Clinton signed.  they don't want you to get oxygen so they want you to wear a mask and they want you to get vaccinated both so that you have trouble thinking your way out of this mess. You can't parent yourself if you can't think.

There's something that you can do every single time you see words on paper that are going against humanity. 

Stand up to it.]

Here's an article I wrote on natural news about a b 499. I tried to post it with the link all together but they told me that natural news goes against Community standards because they are extremely afraid of M*ke Ad*ms.

I don't know what is making you mask wearers trust these slave owners as you do. Freedom of speech should be important to you. Why do you want to trust a master who won't let you have access to every single little thing out there and let you decide? This is exactly what I was writing about in the main body of this post. Do you really want the government to parent you like this? Can't you decide for yourself whether you want to read my article or not? Search natural news Debbie allsup and all my articles I wrote for them will come up. Or put this one together. This one is basically about what I did. How I protected my daughter from the legislation of California. How I empowered her. How my daughter got to stand up to Governor Brown and say nobody I am making this choice now before you put me in a situation where you can manipulate me! htt






[Why is okay with you that freedom of speech is being squelched?

Not allowing N*tural Ne*ws articles to be posted here on Facebook is not going to harm the people who are not wearing masks. They already know everything. 

The censorship is hurting you, the people who do wear masks. 

On Event 201, which is part of the script we're following here this last year, they said they were going to use censorship for control. They announced it. You're not stopping them. That's permission.  You can't play victim later when they have you.

You are being parented by a government that pretends that you are too fragile to hear other people's points of view. But see the truth is that they know how they controlled you by showing you something again and again and again and again. They want to stop us from showing you something again and again and again and again. Cuz the truth is there's millions of us who are trying to show you things and they are needing to stop us because they can't have you seeing it again and again and again and again.

I know why it doesn't make you mad. I understand mind control. But it should make you mad.

Turn off the news. Unplug from their programming at the very least. Maybe it'll make you start to feel hungry for Truth.

This is the midnight hour and the odds are not in your favor if you keep that TV on.]

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