Sunday, June 18, 2023

They Truly Are Farming You


I have a lot of the same royal blood in me as presidents, controlled movie stars, judges, and famous singers. This is why I think I got the communications sent along the blood until I was able to rise my frequency above the Implants of the Puppeteers. At any rate, I am not Rh(-), which I think is something the Puppeteers look for when making a puppet to control humanity. I am a product of a royal raping an ancestor, sneaking off because of love, or both several times over and ended up with positive blood. The 1% truly do see themselves as different and better than you. You look upon them with trusting eyes, seeing them as yourself. They take advantage of this and in fact couldn’t harm you without it. You are controlled, used, and killed by them. They truly are farming you.

Justice Wendell Holmes ordered sterilization of those he deemed as less-than. They’ve been continuing their sterilization program through va((ines with certain lot numbers. Those in Beverley Hills may have received a saline solution since it is known that there is no contagious, natural virus to protect against, so therefore, they have freedom to choose which area receives which harm. Sterilization is only one harm where certain areas are targeted. Va((ines are only one instrument of harm.

Another method they use on those they farm is controlling your perspective of anything. If someone is teaching you how to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, which in a nutshell means to stand in alignment with Source, then they will convince you that that person is bad because he or she is bringing on the New World Order (NWO), when in fact it is themselves. For example, If I am conveying the message of standing in alignment with the Sound of Self and people listened, we all would be standing in unity in what would look like respect to each other. I would be caring for your children as if they were mine. We wouldn’t be raping, thieving, lying, etc. We would look like a one world government because we would be government by love not parented by a nasty group. The New World Order is simply an outward governance by one group, the group that has been controlling everything behind the scenes. Well, they want to steer you away from light and yes, Lucifer means light and they will use that word to scare you into not listening to those who can help you. I call myself a light-bearer acupuncturist. They will tell you I am channeling Lucifer because I use light-bearer. Again, true alignment with love is basically like a one world government because you wouldn’t need rules to dictate behavior. They turn you away from that idea by making you think it’s the NWO.

Listen to your gut. Read various authors’ work and have a relationship with their work. Keep a journal of what feels as truth and what feels wrong to you. Gather an opinion on each author yourself. Read over watching videos. There were four “YouTube” doctors who seemed to be on the side of Truth during the first two years of the c*vid psychological operation era who I listened to once or twice. I saw their lack of true knowledge and their lies. I never listened again. I still see people sharing their videos. It’s best to not watch, but to read what someone has to say. My book has words and frequency. You can have a relationship with my thoughts better through the book than through a video. In person communications are nice too when you can be in a conversation with me, but if I’m doing all the talking, you have no opportunity to interject as you can when reading. (You can write a response in the margin, letter to the author, or journal.) You can reread that passage. Don’t allow someone to tell you what to think. Don’t get all love-sick over a white-coat. Discern.Take your time, especially if it’s with a new concept. Notice if you’re being Astrally tugged into fear and walk away from that.

The farming of you is actually very easy to see. It is disguised in convenience, unnatural health solutions and foods, dictatorial learning styles, lack of movement (lack of liberty), being parented (checkpoints to search bags, etc), few with positive blood in places of power over those with positive blood, hidden “free-energy and murder of those who attempt to inform the masses about it, murder of those successfully reaching the masses about the 1%, being bullied by the medical establishment, lack of caring from the medical establishment and politicians, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G and millimeter waves especially at airports and hospitals, Big Pharma and the destruction of Natural non-invasive modalities, fear porn, and so much more.

Things to do to stop being farmed:

·       Trust politicians and medical personal to have their best interests first and step outside of seeing them as gods

·       If it’s convenient, do it another way—go to the bank physically, use cash, write a letter…

·       Search out books from the past and learn about healing modalities, accounts of history, and “free-energy”

·       Stop receiving va((ines—if you think they save lives, there is searching to be done (this is the number one modality for ruining health and lives and implanting machinery that they want in you)

·       Serve others

·       Ingest chlorophyll

·       Try to stop the intake of white sugar, white flour, and white rice

·       Stop blaming others—keep in mind, for instance, that you may be a past soldier reincarnated into a tribe now as part of learning, a white slave from the past now in a darker-skinned Genetic human, a past-life thief that now incarnated in a rich person whose wealth got stolen…

·       Recognize news is used to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, don’t watch it

·       Do as little as possible on the cell/mobile phone

·       Read labels on cleaning products and search out why they are to ultimately choosing safer products

·       Get rid of the SMART electric and SMART water meters

·       Cable and cord your internet, mouse, keyboard, etc

·       Get a landline (though they are different than the past)

·       Unplug appliances when not in use

·       Get rid of the microwave, learn about it if you need inspiration to do so

·       Instead of the Genetic human program of helplessness and victimhood, rise above it with a loving solution such as Pinky-rose or Violet Cubes of Light

They want to farm you by taking your children. They teach them harmful Communistic planks, expect them to be $hotted up, and give them the power to ask for their genitals to be mutilated and give them the power to leave a loving home for the sex slave, slave, Mind Control to make future puppet, food farm alternative, or a combination of these. No matter their words on paper such as AB 665, you can keep your children out of public schools and the farms that they have become. Don’t have a marriage license. Don’t have birth certificates for the youngens. Don’t give birth in hospital. If you are mote afraid of these three things compared to the 1%, then there’s a lot to be learned. You’ve been trained to see the State in your marriage and as another parent to your youngens. You have been trained to think birth is a medically managed event. You’ve been trained to believe you can catch a cold. It is time to recognize that they farm you through having manipulated your thinking. Are you going to stand or say moo and go down the chute? Your choice.

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