Thursday, June 1, 2023


Western Medicine changed in the early 1700’s, taking a path on the Germ Theory road, even before it had be solidified in 3D consciousness through scientist puppets such as Pasteur. The bare-foot doctors who used the herbs around them were already quickly being replaced, but in a rather discrete manner. See New Guide to Health; Or, Botanic Family Physician by Samuel Thomas and E. Douglas Hume’s Béchamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology. You will learn how “learned doctors” were taken over a long time ago. You shall also see early attempts at stopping those physicians who really care, and the original attempt at the “asymptomatic carrier” psychological operation, though not called that.

Big Pharma has present physicians “by the short hairs.” I understand that is a crude way to get my point across, but the agents of the government and Big Pharma are worse than crude. A human who allows something so vile to control them into forcing humanity to have poor health has been controlled through fear (and all Astral emotion-tugging tactics), Implants (and all mind-control from the Mental body level) and must be dis-eased Etherically and Physically to allow themselves to be such a pawn to play a part in disconnecting humans from their MultiSelves. But, if you go to a Western Medical pawn (even under the guise of a Naturopathic Doctor title), then you are placing yourself on a road to “thy” knowing Hell, instead of being healthy. (ND’s and acupuncturists have turned toward the Western Medicine way of doing things rather than Western Medicine turning towards the other two. Sad!)

Doctors who suggest you have any va((ine, but especially the toxine, are out to send your experience of life towards Hell. You will become a customer for life (if you live that long), or until you take the reins and make health choices for yourself. (Any choice you make is better than simply allowing the doctors to make choices for you, because at least you’ve stopped the need to be parented by medical professionals.) They offer drugs when they don’t know what’s wrong. The drugs give new problems. Basically, Big Pharma is the doctor, not a human.

Please start reading and questioning while you can, or “thy” will know Hell.

Healthy is when thy may experience a dis-easement but has shen behind the eyes and is able to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self again. Life truly includes “shit happening.” But you make your own Hell in supporting the enemy to humanity and all lifestreams when you support Western Medicine.

“But I don’t know what to do when my nose runs.” So, stop being so helpless! Learn basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and you’ll see that a runny nose can come from food stagnation (eating something that doesn’t agree with you), as well as whatever you thought caused it in the past.  Learn chromo-modalities. There’s always a color that we may need more than others. If you learn about color and take in the so-called rainbow first, then you can work with colors needed. Homeopathy Spectrum is a way to get all the colors quickly. Don’t even get me started on sound modalities! You have so many choices: drumming, Tibetan bowls, various tuning fork sets, your voice, and so much more. Learn Law so you might see the difference between words on paper to control you, compared with Rights. Below is a reading list that is more bent to standing in alignment with the Sound of Self over herbs, gardens, and such, but truly, you need to learn how to maintain health (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) or Hell is what “thy” shall know.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!


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