Sunday, March 13, 2022

64 Minerals—Esoteric Helpers


Since soil has been depleted by crimes from the 1% dElite and humanity, humans finally awakened to the understanding that they were not getting all the minerals they needed for health.  Many ad campaigns started related to "this product is better than that product" and health food shops sprang up everywhere. But there is more going on than soil depletion.  German Auricular Medicine (GAM) Level 2 works with emotional traumas and physical scars that are within an individual’s body causing certain minerals to not be absorbed and utilized in certain levels of their being.  The person may have been informed by their naturopathic doctor that they are deficient in calcium, so they start taking calcium only to still have the body screaming out for more calcium.  When the body’s held energies (a Focus in GAM) are dissipated and integrated, then calcium starts to be absorbed as usual. When a human is deficient from a really poor diet, depleted soil or personal traumas, the body needs a certain mineral and an esoteric helper, 64 Minerals, is here for us.

The Green Eco Laser is a product I mention in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.  Even the older versions from 2003 have helped me with clearing and defense against disturbances on land and humans.  One small attachment that can work with the laser is the 64 Minerals insert.  I have used it on soil and humans.  My intention is that any appropriate minerals that the soil or this particular human body is crying out for, will receive it in a safe, appropriate manner.  So, one wonders, could a person eat poorly, such as fast food and few fresh organic produce, and rely on the 64 Minerals to keep the body in good working order?  I would hazard the guess no.  Laziness and arrogance may block you from your light; and therefore, light from Esoteric helpers.  And if you do not eat with intention, can you truly use 64 Minerals with intention?

Support, whether from a fellow human or Source, is support.  Not an excuse to be lazy and irresponsible.  The higher frequency you are, the less physical food you will need in order to support the Physical body.  The simple reason is because you will be identifying with the MultiSelf—more in alignment with the Sound of Self over implants.  Borrowing other authors’ way of discussing this, the more you identify with vowels, the more you have closed the duality that the consonants have brought in the past. To be at a point where you are able to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self took work. You certainly never got there by absentmindedly shoving something into your mouth!  You got there using discernment with everything: words, thoughts, foods, drinks, friends, jobs, and on and on.  Someone who engages in life with intention will definitely benefit from the 64 Minerals.  They should feel any shift that occurs.  If this person were to experience a sudden bleed out, losing many minerals in a gush, sure physical minerals would benefit them, but these 64 Minerals will support them, too.  Plus, I see it as more of the light aspect of minerals, which is in alignment with that person’s MultiSelf.

The average Joe can benefit, as well.  The person who does not eat with intention perhaps needs to learn about foods and what they can do for him or her.  Education about the bounty of Earth may be a much-needed path.  Learning about held energies from traumas working within a human body may be needed.  For them, yes the 64 Minerals will support them, but there are other requirements this individual needs for his or her graduation during this point of focus (lifetime.)  Perhaps that person with an emotional Focus interfering with calcium thinks that the 64 Minerals would be enough to solve all imbalances.  Well, again.  Life here on 3D Earth is a personal experience for all.  Is it in your highest good to simply have the 64 Minerals assist you?  Does that support you in standing in alignment with the Sound of Self?  For one, perhaps the 64 Minerals is enough, it can weave in and alter the Focus and heal it.  Now, the calcium is not only not being blocked, but your body may take in what you need and slough off what you do not need.  For another, it may support them in only the moment of the sweep with the Eco laser and the need for calcium will present itself again because that person has work to do.

As with all esoteric helpers, human and objects, all assistance offered will be received based on what one needs to experience.   


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