Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Darker Shades of Los Angeles County


I thought that my innocent letter to Sheriff Villianueva through the Judicial District kept coming back because someone did not understand about my signature as the stamp. Well, after a conversation with an activist, I have been enlightened as to what is going on.

Now, I had learned from some National friends about Bonds and how a sheriff can remove a person if they do not have a bond.  This activist; though, helped me to understand the darker shades of Los Angeles County—California, in fact, but we shall simply focus on Los Angeles County.  It was decided to only have insurance, not bonds for corporations.  This means the controllers have have made it harder for us to unseat evil!

A quick Bonds 101 for y’all as told to me by the activist:  You hire a roofer, giving him 50% down on the project.  In order to be licensed, he has a bond and insurance.  Say he was using a tool to cut out the shingles but cut a line of some sort.  Well, his insurance would cover those damages.  In another case scenario, your roofer decided not to do the project but to run off with your 50% down.  His bond would give you that 50% back and go after him themselves.  The bond guarantees performance. Your LA County public health director has no bond, no guarantee to perform well!

This activist was having a hard time getting close to Sheriff Villianueva to request him to switch hats and support the true side of Law and  finally succeeded.  (But can he help or is he threatened in some manner?)  We need the sheriffs to stand up for humanity, but I can tell you the enemy of humanity will have threatened them in some way to align themselves with the defacto.  My letter to Villianueva has come back to me three times because his handlers will not let it be delivered.  How does it feel to be aware of the control to keep the darker shades of Los Angeles County in play?  You think because you do not live in this county that it does not happen where you live?  Think again.

My lawful notices to Dr. Ferrer fell on deaf ears as they say because she does not have a bond and; therefore, I cannot get to her without the sheriff that they control.  Time for Pinky-rose!  Time for neighbors to awaken.  Time to lighten the darker shades of Los Angeles County!

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