Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Levelled Up in Attacks on Me

I just got attacked by something new.  It was sudden.  I could not breath.  I was panting and gasping as I was uploaded the article I had just finished, "Don't Make Anger Your Reaction," to Facebook and MeWe.

It was strong.  It felt like an energy weapon.  It tingled like electricity at DU 16, the occipital lobe, and down my neck, then to the front Ren 17, the sternum, Heart Chakra area.  I felt it get no ground there, but lightly reach my toes.  I held the Harmonizing Pyramid and tried to see it grow from within, pushing them out.  I called a friend who "sees" and chatted with her as it subsided.  She suggested I go outside and look for a van of some sort.  I said, "It would be an invisible 'spaceship'." 

Still, I hung up from her, ran out side with my phone not connected to anyone but so neighbors would think I am speaking to a human on the phone.  I looked up to the blue, partly cloudy skies, feeling the wind blow the hair that was loose from my pony-tail and I yelled at them.  I directed them to see the sign I have at my front door.   Then, I went to the back, pointing out the sign and yelling the same.

I yelled that I have signs informing that they are entering into a contract with me if they hurt me.  It also says they are not to enter without my permission.  I do understand that I may be doing something that is giving permission on a level I am not conscious about.  I do understand that perhaps they like the contract.  Perhaps they want to lose their cloaking and want silly, average humans to see them for who they really are.

I have to think of another addition to the contract that they are entering into when hurting me.

It is hurting me to infiltrate my MultiSelf as they did.  It hurts me to breath hard due to an injury I sustained a few months ago.  That injury was caused by what I thought of as possibly an attacker on humans in general.  This time, I know for certain it was personal and I was the target.

I cannot say what weapon they used as I don't know all of them and how they feel.  It did not cause physical damage.  It feels like a psychic controlled weapon, sort of like how Rife's machine worked with his Mind keyed to it.  5G?  I cannot say.  I had thought of Elon Musk and what an awful puppet human he is for what he is outwardly fronting for the nefarious attackers on humans.  Even now, writing this, the skin on my face feels as if it's burning. Right before the attack, the next thought had been about bloodlines.  Yes, he is impulsed thanks to that, but many of us carry what can be used as weapons against humanity in our blood.

Well, there was my first official experience at knowing I was targeted for sure.  

I had to really think about it.  What would I want the contract to say?  I would not even be able to enjoy them hurting.  For instance, if I said that I wanted them to feel all of what they do to me but in triplicate, I would be participating in evil, so would not enjoy that. In this case, I would want them to simply hurt just to hurt.  

Then I smiled.  

Yes, that's it.  The addition to my contract says that if they hurt me, including hurting me emotionally through harming a family member, pet, or friend, then the contact they are choosing to enter with me is that yes, they will lose cloaking, each moment that passes from that instant of causing harm, they will be seen for who or what they really are...AND... 


They will experience Pinky-Rose self love!  The spark of Source will make Itself known. 


The frequency of Love, the Sound of Love, the color of Love will be known, experienced, embraced and acknowledged.  The level of that Love is that of a true nomad.  It is that of Source.  It is that of Light. So Be It!

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