Sunday, February 13, 2022

The AIDS Vaccine

 You know it's coming.  They made their HIV weapon in a lab or two.  They placed it in how ever many shots they wanted to through the decades.  Now, for certain, it would be in their toxine that they scared many into to taking.  (And yes, those who sold their souls and allowed themselves to be injected because their jobs or licenses were threatened were also scared into it, albeit a little differently than the first- wavers.) They have most likely established what they can call an AIDS pandemic when they choose to name it so and walla, you need to have their supposed new $hot.

They have followed this script all through history.  I do not know how anyone can trust their narrative of any so-called Black Plague or epidemic when they have proven themselves to be such liars.  But now, the reactionaries will be fooled with the same PCR casedemics as we have been experiencing for basically two years with their so-called covid pandemic where no-one was dis-eased until the $hot.  The more people who take the PCR to see if they have HIV, the more they can convince people that we have an "outbreak," and few will notice it was only those who had any $hots ot a swab up their noses (for I wouldn't doubt their is innocence there.)  

Good Lord.  Sometimes I wonder if humanity is worth saving and then I remember how creative the ones not stuck in the Personality Plane have been.

With this first phase of implementing the use of the $hot, I would have to say that it is 1 to the non-humans and 0 to the humans.  For the second wave, can we tie it up or are humans to be in a prison planet of their own making through their own stupidity and fear?

Well, nefarious invaders, I will not comply and you do not have my permission to inject me or otherwise with your technology, no matter what another human begs for.  All vaccines are biowarfare, even the toxines that are called vaccines when they are perfected biowarfare!

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