Monday, February 21, 2022

Warning! Possible Manipulation


Though it is true that collectively, humans spend far too much screen time, if any humans were to go on a “diet” from it, it would not be the group that truly needs to.  It would not be the fearful, mask-wearing, toxine-taking group that actually needed a screen-time diet over the last almost two years.  It would be the communicators.

On March 5, humans here in the USA will be starting a trek to Washington DC.  The criminals-that-believe-they-be want to behave badly without being seen.  They want the communicators to not communicate so they are manipulating them with a challenge. 

The Blackstar will be its closest to Earth than it has ever been during any of us average folks’ lifetimes on May 22.  Around the world, during March, humans may be noticing changes.  They do not want you communicating about that. 

Then there are all the helicopter and small plane crashes due to “mechanical failures,” possibly due to 5G and other frequencies, that they do not want us sharing.  “That happened here in Huntington Beach.”  “Hey, here, too, in New Jersey!”

What else do they want kept quiet?

I am all for only going on social media every now and then.   I often ignore a story only to have it shoved in my face multiple times everywhere I go: Facebook, MeWe, Messenger, Youtube, etc.  For instance, I have purposely ignored related stories to the truckers when I heard a conflict was to happen between them and their oppressors.  Multiple photos are everywhere of two women.  Well, I have not watched the video and do not want to.  One thing I will warn you about, though, is they desire an emotional reaction from you.  Your opponent wants you to lose your Center.  Strange actors are out there.  Then there is the truth.  What if police are being impulsed to behave badly?  Whether due to “Voice of God” technology or from the inside, working equipment that has been implanted in the toxinated and generally vaccinated?  I do not care to see their handy work.  So yes, a diet from media-propaganda is a great idea.  We need to be careful about being manipulated, though.




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