Thursday, February 17, 2022

Implants Below the Sound of Self


I see the frequencies that we Are occurring in layers.  My dense Physical body is a lower, wider vibe compared to my Emotional body compared to my Mental body.  These are in the Personality plane.  The Sound of Self, my Soul, is of a higher frequency and does touch the Mental plane so it may interact with the Personality plane.  It is just below the Soul that I feel humanity’s opponent has placed an implant.  This implant contributes to keeping humans locked down.  But not all humans…If you can increase your frequency, you can vibrate higher to the point of standing in alignment with the Sound of Self.  If you can do that, they cannot have you.

Those in the Personality plane will not turn off their “news” sources because it will give them a rush as a drug to an addict might.  Those identifying above the Personality plane see through scripts in movies, TV shows, and commercials and are not drawn to watch.  The first step an implanted, confused, fearful human experiencing the covid era can do is to turn off all media.  Turn off the phone, computer, and TV.  They cannot, though.  Excuses have been imbedded in them via the implant in their Mental body. 

When you raise your frequency, you may reach the higher levels of your Mental plane.  Esoteric Acupuncture is just one tool that may be used in support of that.  Others may also help you from their Sound of Self, but there is not much they can do if the person is stopping communication with their own Sound of Self.  High frequency work and foods, serving humanity, being in Nature, recognizing spiraling in fear and then doing something to stop it (such as turning off the TV) all support you.


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