Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hang 'em for Your Health

"The very nature of destruction is creation."-The Magical Household p.9

According to Kevin Trudeau in his book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, it is best to avoid the electric dryer for those wet clothes. The electric dryer is reported to produce positive ions which escape into the environment as well as cling to clothes. In humans, positive ions have been known to suppress the immune system, cause fatigue, and lead to depression and anxiety (134).

In The Vivaxis Connection, Judy Jacka agrees that positive ions can make a person exhausted (231). She goes on to say, “It has been noted that epidemics and infections are more common when a prolonged period of positive ions in the atmosphere has occurred,” and “Ion imbalances can disturb the lymphatic system” (231). Lymph is pretty important and not something you would want to be imbalanced.

Trudeau states, “Life enhancing negative ions” are abundant near natural water sources and out in the woods. He encourages each person to compare and contrast how he or she feels in such a natural environment to being in a Laundromat near spinning dryers for thirty minutes (134). Trudeau confidently writes that after the thirty minutes near the electric dryer, “Notice how you feel for the rest of the day,” down, fatigued, and generally bad (135).

Jacka says that a slight preponderance of negative ions in our bodies is good and that we feel energetic in such a state. Likewise, she believes an excess of positive ions leads to lethargy (234). She says, “Usually, we feel very tired if positive ions accumulate as they do in many buildings with air-conditioning or heating” (235).

It is worth researching these ideas, especially if your health is compromised and you have enough going on. The sun and its glorious attributes are not always available, but clothes hanging on the shower-curtain pole may be a healthier alternative to clothes spinning in the electric drier.

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