Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Letter to Big Pharma Puppet Dr. Boom

[As soon as I heard about a whole bunch of nurses standing up against the Texas hospital where they were employed because they were being forced to receive an experimental pharmaceutical or lose their job, I wanted to write to the director of that hospital and give him a piece of my mind.

Well, it has come to my attention that they lost their court case. Isn't it funny the way when something has to do with Big Pharma and Big Pharma knows that they can win because they've bought the judges and everyone involved, including the lawyer on the nurses side, that they want to push the case through very quickly? They need this example of free-thinking nurses to fail quickly so that they can get the rest of y'all in line.

I wrote this letter by hand and admittedly I am a healthcare practitioner myself so my handwriting is atrocious. I sent it through the Judicial District without a stamp so there's no proof that my letter will have arrived,  but I wanted to write it as a living man because I know my vote is heard. This person, or his secretaries, need to know there is a living man out here who does not approve of him.

When writing as a living man, the address is not written this way, but here's where I sent it.

Smith Tower

6550 Fannin Street, Suite # 1101

Houston, TX 77030.

Dear Dr. Marc Boom,

I am writing to ask you to please stand down and leave that hospital in the care of someone more qualified who is not a commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma. You are disgraceful in putting the lives of your nurses in jeopardy over shallow words such as giving them this experimental pharmaceutical in order to save your whole hospital and all the people within those walls from germs.

If you want to put time and effort into something, how about proving to humanity that there is a little natural virus floating around in the air that would justify a pharmaceutical? (Oh, wait. You and your pimp Big Pharma already know the answer to that, don't you!) 

You may think that you're sitting pretty and comfortable because you got to be on the bully's side and you got to seemingly win, but at what cost? I can tell you you sold out humanity and you are selling your soul to AI and company and you are not going to win, either. Let me remind you of the history of the Native American in the United States. Let's just look at the Apache and the Lakota as two examples where those betrayers, who were called Indian Police, captured their own in support of non-Native agendas. But once the Apaches were put on a train or the Lakota were put on a reservation, the Indian Police were put with them! 

Your bank account may be bulging right now, but it's not going to matter in the end. If we're going to lose, too.

I wrote this letter to you as a living man and sent it through the Judicial District, which is where Truth resides. I vote that you get held accountable for your crimes against humanity. I vote that you vacate that position and if you find employment somewhere, I hope it has nothing to do with humans so that you cannot hurt another human again.

May you get in touch with the feeling of community and be on the side of Source.

Bright Day Thoughts,

Paget Hillebrand]

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