Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Truth Can Be Distraction, Too!

America's Frontline Doctors (Dr. Simone Gold & Friends) fighting against medical corruption. 


[The thing I noticed when watching “Protect Your Rights" related to the Frontline Doctors was the standing ovation for a doctor/lawyer who never asked for proof of the claim that an isolate was found called “c*vid,” or said another way, she never asked for an isolate of what the criminals-that-believe-they-be called “cov*d” prior to locking down the world.

She spoke of what the Frontline doctors have had to say as being “the most censored event” that has become international.  I posit that being censored is a stepping stone to assisting in becoming internationally known, because that becomes a focus for people to 1) believe what they say must be the truth and 2) feel sorry for the poor group and hence listen to what tptb supposedly do not want the public to hear.

Dr. Gold reports that it’s been a year since doctors knew of a treatment that worked and since it was known that lockdowns did not work.  Well, there are plenty of treatments for the symptoms of what ails humans and even I wrote (in mid-March 2020) that lockdowns don’t work simply because humans need to interact with each other for microbiome swapping.  The term “work” is rather vague with the exact way treatments are successful.  If we are talking about “the c*vid,” then first, an isolate is needed in order to see exactly how a treatment is working.

As for decades since it has been known that masks do not keep respiratory v*ruses out, a discussion on the vir*s would be needed.  Can an engineered virus, that has been injected into someone, transfer to another through their breath?  If proven as affirmative, well then, can a cloth over the infected individual and one on the subject, prevent it from transferring? Next, a v*rus is part of a person’s immune system.  This person has an imbalanced cell that is no longer vibrating in frequency of Self and has made a “virus” as a by-product of attempting balance, whether success was obtained or not.  Can that part of this person’s immune system transfer to another in any way, especially, as interest to humanity right now, through breath?  Can a mask worn by that person and one near them protect them if that vir*s can be transferred?  Or, does it ALL come down to individuals and their own relationship with Self?

So, in the first 2 minutes and 50 seconds of this talk, we are told that masks and lockdowns are useless and that there is a treatment that works.  We are assuming that the treatment works against “c*vid,” but it has not been isolated.  The engineered SARS/COVID/HIV has also not been isolated in a way where it has been shown to the world.  But since it basically is delivered through an injection, I would offer that the best treatment that works against government biowarfare is not to be injected by their products.

(More later, but these are my thoughts so far.)

2:51 and on...

How can the CDC state anything without isolating a "natural" pathogen first? These statistics are simply "sick" people... People experiencing dis-easement in general.

Doctors who treat with drugs without having something isolated first or doctors who jump on the "c*vid" band wagon probably should be sued for malpractice... Except most of these are mostly Big Pharma-ots anyway.

Dr. Simone is correct. There is no emergency. There are effective treatments for many dis- easements, even caused by engineered vir*ses, which are bioweapons.

I have never read anything anywhere that ever talked about healthy people and quarantines. What I mean is, there is no study showing how the people being quarantined didn't work. There is no study showing how the people being quarantined did work. For the controllers to quarantine healthy people in 2020 just out of thin air, all the MDs in the world should have spoken up against that and should be held accountable for not speaking up against that. I am only an acupuncturist and I spoke up about it in March 2020. I said that people need to be out there swapping microbiome.


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