Thursday, May 27, 2021

You Create With Intention & Carelessness


[I'm convinced that a goodly number of humans presently on 3D surface Earth have an implant that feels like it's at about the fourth layer of the Mental body (the basest of the Causal body). I think this is why some are trapped in the Personality plane and others are able to not succumb so easily to the programming that's presently here.

Hold in consciousness the world you wish to create. Free energy, being able to move with your thoughts, and recognizing when AI is trying to have you are here at your fingertips. This means you need to start being extremely responsible with what you're thinking. You create with your intention, but with careless thoughts, as well. So start now if you haven't already. It's okay to have moments of feeling angry and frustrated. We are still Genetic humans and we are in the dualistic realm and that is acceptable. Just get yourself out of that as quickly as you can. We have a lot of creating to do!

Now, go. Anchor the Light, which partly means have community in your heart. Hwa!]

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