Monday, May 3, 2021

You Are Establishing Your Future Right Now:Access Denied

 [Straight out...You are out of your ever-lovin' mind if you have SMART (AI access to you) devices in your home, yet alone tolerating them at work.

If you go on the real social credit system as you have been doing if you participate in surveys & rewards, have a SMART phone on you 24/7, get "tested" weekly, have a QR Code in order to enter a site, get the c shot, wear a mask, and keep yourself away from humans, then you have handed your MultiSelf over to AI & other non-humans. Sure, right now it seems just a physical thing. Ok. Let's look at just the Physical aspect.

Watch this video below and picture it in the apartment building that they will force you to live in one day. Picture living on the 38th floor. Picture thinking about being fed up with this situation and wishing life could go back to pre-March 2020. Picture thinking about talking to people and protesting together.

Bam. Unbeknownst to you, you just lost 4,000 social credits.

You walk to the elevator the next morning to go to work.

It won't open for you.

You look at your phone and see the color that shows too few credits to travel, shop, and now, too few to get out of the building. How can you please AI to get the elevator to open for you?

How can you manipulate by pretending when AI can read your mind?

The elevator and fire door will never open for you. If someone thinks to help you, bam, they just lost social credits.

Y'all have called me names for a long time, yet I saw what was coming for you. (I have a different reality in mind for myself. For one, if you can focus on remembering about things such as what they now call "teleporting," you would realize nothing can make you a poisoner except yourself!)

But, you focus on fear and what the authorities say, so you are establishing your future right now. Personally, I prefer to go, anchor the Light. Hwa!]

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