Friday, April 30, 2021

One Reason For No C Shot

Perhaps it is time for those who had the c shot to revisit the movie Bourne Legacy.  You are as the “soldier” who was injected with matter when blindly trusting.  While you are at it, notice how TV and movies have trained you to think of viruses and how events are reported to you. The controllers are quick to spin a story for the public explaining why an event happened, as well as why a certain person is being sought.  Lies, lies, and more lies. This is the group bringing you a story about a rouge, natural, wild microbe.  A thing Béchamp warned you does not exist.  But their engineered microbe does exist and, like the “soldiers” of the Bourne movies, it is trained to kill and destroy.

When you refuse to research, to take the blinders off, and to ignore planes of existence above the Personality plane, you have made a choice to be parented.  You place your MulitSelf in jeopardy, for their imposter ray will seek to trick you.  If you were fooled into fearing the air and into getting the c shot, then you are on a path to becoming the successive human.  Know that though it is not too late, it is the midnight hour for you.

I only need one reason to not have the c shot or any injection: I know the truth. I know the truth about their Agenda, my immune system, and biowarfare.


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