Thursday, April 1, 2021

The April Fool


[I need to do Gematria on Governor Gavin Newsom to see if they're going to inject him with something like a carcinogen and radiation so that he's dead in about three weeks of cancer.  

But anyway, where as usually I'm convinced that authority figures would be receiving a saline solution with the nanobots and AI technology (because they wouldn't want them to get obvious autoimmune diseases), today I don't think Gavin is going to be so lucky.  

I don't know what they're going to inject him with, but I wouldn't want to be him!

April fools is no day to receive the c shot from Satanists when you are California's fool.]

I am a complete novice at this.  Best to see Gematria Effect News.

Cancer=44 in ordinal Gematria.  44 days is May 15, 2021. 44 weeks is August 14, 2021. In the second article it says that Newsom elected for the "one and done" option. One and done=44, cancer, not vaccine.

29 weeks exactly from Newsom's last birthday to May 15.  Johnson and Johnson is 209 in Ordinal Gematria. So if cancer is in the shot for him, it seems like May 15th is the execution date to this novice.

The person delivering the vaccine is 42 like vaccine.
Cancer and "One and done" are 44.

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