Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Chipping Away at Humanity

[I've been contemplating something for about a week. It seems to me that people are now being divided into thirds by way of chipping away at humanity. We have seen two blatant groups since about June 2020. One third of humanity is pretty much gone. They've already had AI put into their bodies (with what has been seen as permission) and they are destined for autoimmune dis-eases, mad cow dis-ease, and other engineered issues. It is not the end for them, but if they couldn't get out from under the control before all of these things were put into them (and their spirit is being targeted now)1, then it's going to be harder for them after having a year of a questionable swab up their noses (when not testing for a virus that has never been isolated with a non-test) and having been injected with one or more eagerly offered c shots. If these mask-wearing believers wouldn't let people like me help them before, then they're not going to accept support easily now.  If they sought an experimental pharmaceutical when they were well, then when they are physically feeling very poorly and not capable of helping themselves, they will again trust that which placed their health in jeopardy (entity controlled Western Medicine)2, expecting to feel well.

The second group is made up of the people who are aware of what's going on. They're grounded. They're not in fear. They don't react to every single little soundbite they hear. They will not take the c shot no matter what, and they do not give permission for any Satanist, entity, etc. to have any kind of power over them.  When they become informed that the 1% dELETE are up to nefarious implementations, such as GMOed "bio"-probiotics to be sprayed on all food items3 (for surveillance of humans), dangerous fake meat to phase out all meat consumption,4 (though those in this group may not be for slaughtering animals), and curriculums in public schools to insure separation and an “us against them” mentality in humans for other humans,5 they have mental, spiritual, physical, or a combination of the three countermeasures in response.

The third group that's just now emerging (in this second year of the Wag the Dog Psy-op) is a break off from the second group. They have been able to stand stronger in the attack for their MultiSelves in the past, but are now easily pushed into fear with certain sound bites. Whether it's, "You better have the c shot or you will lose your job," or "Don't be around people who've had the c shot, because they are transmitting engineered viruses and goodness knows what else from the Satanists," or "There is no safe food," they are being manipulated. They are desperate. In scanning possibilities, they're unable to come up with non-violent countermeasures.

Why do you think our group was divided? They can get this new third group to fear those who have had the c shot and that is a bonus for them. This supports their favorite past-time of pitting human against human. The 1 % dELETE rally humans this way for the same kind of "fun" our average damonic humans enjoy when pitting rooster against rooster, dog against dog, and the like.  They're trying to get you to where you will look at a human and say, "You're trying to hurt me." Then, maybe you will want to go into war against that human. Couple this with what we already know about the first group, that they have been programmed to eye people who haven't had the c shot, thinking, You're going to make me sick!  Do you think it's possible that maybe the Satanists are trying to get that group to go against those who haven't had the c shot? If the third group is as easily manipulated as the first group, there will be even less standing against what may be coming. If you want to fight a human, you're playing into their hand!

This message is for you if you are in that third group. Get off social media. (I assume you're already not listening to the news.) Stop watching videos by doctors6 who mean well but are supporting you in spiraling downward in fear. If you can't handle listening to things, don't listen to them. Read my book and perform the Violet Cubes of Light and Pinky-rose exercises.  Vocalize out loud that you vote no on "this" practice and "that" legislation, and that you do not give your permission for the military-science-government-human-non-human factions to use weapons against you. Demand that they be held for trial in a higher spiritual court if they dare to harm you stealthily or otherwise. Know the truth, but don’t fear it. If information rattles you, then walk away from it for now.  Breath.  Do high-frequency work before revisiting it.

The 1% dELETE are pulling out all the stops because they are terrified that they can’t get humanity in enough fear to block the light that is presently overwhelming 3D Earth.  Think of the witch in The Wizard of Oz, "Help me. I’m melting, " for an idea of why they are bombarding us with end times movies and scripts. (Yes, Black Star and other celestial goings-on may be realities, but still no reason for us to spiral in fear as if the end of a current experience is the focus.)

Hold your Center!

They have weaponized fear.

AI is coming for you if you don't]


1The imposter ray is artificial intelligence making a newly departed “soul” believe it is “The White Light,” thus entrapping it in a perpetual cycle of imprisonment in its version of 3D Earth.  See my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied for more information on entities, the successive human, and the imposter ray.


2If a modality does not have AI, Draco Reptilian, Satanic humans, and other damonic entity support, it is not pedaled to the masses.  Western Medicine has been slowly vamped since at least 1870 (by the timeline we have been taught) to be the weapon against humanity that it is in 2021.

3The 1% dELETE, the criminals-that-believe-they-be, will always use “climate change” in a smoke and mirrors sort of way to derail you from your thoughts questioning safety.  If there’s a reason for it for the whole world, then little matters such as safety can be overlooked. And let’s face it.  If they get away with this, what other bot can they get into your system?  Can it impulse you to kill or to simply die yourself? Is it a way to transmit what one group of humanity is “deficient in,” because they refuse the c shot?



4Understand that no lifestream is important to the 1% dELETE.  They strive for self-gain and don’t care who or what is destroyed.  They do not want to establish a “sanctuary” for any other than themselves. https://www.bitchute.com/video/BKQawCUMn3JN/

5It is not simply a thing occurring in NY.  It is supposedly occurring all over the US; though, Texas has allegedly stopped it. Students are taught to see the outsides of a person, not the insides.  I once worked with a man for four years before someone brought it to my attention that he was black.  Now it will become a thing kids are taught to notice.



6 https://www.bitchute.com/video/I63bFvfSXe38/






Thanks Jennifer:

Vector shedding is the release of virus-based gene therapy products from the patient through one or all of the following routes: excreta (feces), secreta (urine, saliva, nasopharyngeal fluids, etc.), and skin (pustule, sores, wounds)1
Shedding is distinct from biodistribution, which refers to the spread of vector DNA within the patient’s body after administration, and its localization and persistence in tissues, body fluids, or organs.
Vector Shedding
Shedding, which refers to how a product is excreted or released from the patient’s body, may be observed as a result of biodistribution.
Viral vectors are currently the preferred method of delivery for gene therapies, compared with non-viral delivery systems.
Approximately 70% of ongoing gene therapy clinical trials for rare genetic diseases utilize viral vectors.
Currently, all of the gene therapies approved by the FDA or EMA are viral-based gene therapy products.
Replication Capabilities of Viral Vectors
Replication-deficient viral vectors
Replication-deficient viral vectors are engineered to be devoid of most of the viral sequences and hence, lack the genetic information for replication; however, they do retain the capacity for introducing genes of interest into target cells.
Some wild-type viruses like adeno-associated virus (AAV) are naturally replication deficient and need
co-infection with other helper viruses to be able to replicate."

Replication-competent viral vectors retain characteristics of the parent virus that enable them to multiply.

These viruses are currently most often being applied in cancer therapy.
A few examples include herpes simplex virus (HSV), reovirus, and adenovirus.
Safety concerns associated with vector shedding is extremely low for replication-deficient viral vectors.
Shedding of replication-deficient viral vectors is expected to be low, of a limited duration, and associated with a lower potential for release as infectious viruses.
While it is unknown whether limited exposure to a replication-deficient vector is sufficient to generate an antibody response,
--> there is a potential risk of seroconversion* in people who come into contact with patients dosed with a gene therapy, which could have future implications.
In exposed individuals, it could limit the possibility of future use of a gene therapy containing the same vector.
--> In the event of exposure in an antibody-negative mother, there may be the subsequent risk of future seropositive† pregnancies17 <--
Gene Therapy Viral Vector
Alipogene tiparvovec* Replication-deficient AAV119
Autologous CD34+ cells encoding the human ADA cDNA sequence† Replication-deficient ɣ-retroviral vector20
Axicabtagene ciloleucel‡ Replication-deficient ɣ-retroviral vector21
Gendicine Replication-deficient adenovirus22
Onasemnogene abeparvovec-xioi Replication-deficient AAV923,24
Tisagenlecleucel§ Replication-deficient lentiviral vector25
Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl¶ Replication-deficient AAV226
--> Safety concerns associated with vector shedding is a potential concern for replication-competent viral vectors<--
Because replication-competent viral vectors retain the ability to replicate, they are likely to shed more effectively and for a longer period into the environment compared with replication-deficient viral vectors.
This shed vector may be infectious raising the possibility of transmission of the virus-based gene therapy product to untreated individuals (e.g. close contacts and healthcare professionals)
To understand the potential risk of transmission and help evaluate measures to prevent transmission, shedding studies in the target population are conducted.
Oncolytic virus therapy Viral vector
Talimogene laherparepvec# Replication-competent HSV-127
U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Design and analysis of shedding studies for virus or bacteria-based gene therapy and oncolytic products. Available at:" 

 2020 Novartis, Inc. "This site is intended for US healthcare professionals only"

FDA reference for viral vector shedding (two links to it):
The actual document itself, August 2015, in pdf only, 19 pages:
Reference No. 18 in the Novartis document:
Environmental Risk Assessment of Replication Competent Viral Vectors Applied in Clinical Trials: Potential Effects of Inserted Sequences
Authors: van den Akker, Eric; J.B. van der Vlugt, Cecile; A. Bleijs, Diederik; E. Bergmans, Hans
Source: Current Gene Therapy, Volume 13, Number 6, 2013, pp. 395-412(18)
Publisher: Bentham Science Publisher
Risk assessments of clinical applications involving genetically modified viral vectors are carried out according to general principles that are implemented in many national and regional legislations, e.g., in Directive 2001/18/EC of the European Union.
Recent developments in vector design have a large impact on the concepts that underpin the risk assessments of viral vectors that are used in clinical trials. The use of (conditionally) replication competent viral vectors (RCVVs)
--> may increase the likelihood of the exposure of the environment around the patient, <--
compared to replication defective viral vectors.
Based on this assumption we have developed a methodology for the environmental risk assessment of replication competent viral vectors, which is presented in this review.
Furthermore, the increased likelihood of exposure leads to a reevaluation of what would constitute a hazardous gene product in viral vector therapies, and a keen interest in new developments in the inserts used. One of the trends is the use of inserts produced by synthetic biology. In this review the implications of these developments for the environmental risk assessment of RCVVs are highlighted, with examples from current clinical trials.
The conclusion is drawn that RCVVs, notwithstanding their replication competency, can be applied in an environmentally safe way, in particular if adequate built-in safeties are incorporated, like conditional replication competency, as mitigating factors
--> to reduce adverse environmental effects that could occur. <--

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