Thursday, June 24, 2021

PCR Fraud: An Old Enemy


7/8/2023 added PCR is not a test. It is a tool of control in multiple ways.

Original article: [When the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to help to identify a perpetrator in a crime, it is a very helpful friend and it has been with us for what seems a long time now. Unfortunately, those who control you have been using it to do just that, to control you.

I am absolutely floored to learn that the PCR is what is used to diagnose pertussis. No wonder they can make a pertussis outbreak happen in a community when they want in order to push the TDaP vaccine, for instance. I knew when they had the new and improved TDaP that they wanted a crisis so that they had a reason for it but I thought it was coming from the vaccine itself and creating a lot of ill people. It turns out that it's the PCR that detects it so they can spin it as much as they want and make something be there even if it's not.

Surely you have realized by now that they use the PCR to say that someone is HIV-positive. (Yes, they're looking for a different genetic code sequence compared to covid and compared to pertusses.) Again they can spin genetic material as they wish, and come up with a diagnosis. If they have a whole bunch of people who are called HIV-positive, then they get to push their drug, which is the real killer, on a community. 

So they have seen how they've gotten away with a pertussis outbreak and an HIV outbreak, which were never there. My child did experience pertussis as has my mother. But during the time that my daughter had it, there were supposedly a lot of people who had it and we didn't see anyone with it. No-one in clinics or at her school. Only a few asymptomatic positives. Sound familiar? They were just PCR positive pertussis not truly experiencing it. Now, we have the covid PCR-positives.

PCR is used to diagnose Lyme Disease, which is a lab-made weapon released into the public supposedly accidentally.  (See Lab 257.)  It is also used to diagnose chlamydia.  The maker of the PCR process, which makes more of a DNA sample, warned not to use it as a test.  So how come you are ok with this being used as tests to announce the presence of something that is not there? 

If PCR is used to identify things related to crime, then it would be a friend. But, they are using the PCR as an enemy to humanity against its inventor's warnings.

Stop taking the PCR to tell you if you have a virus or a bacterial experience! Then, those epidemics will go away!]

The intended use of PCR.

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Are they referring to "the c*vid" now as the flu?

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PCR on pigs brains:

From a letter published on this site.  "The swabs used in the ‘covid test’ are sterilized using ethylene oxide, cancer causing, sterilizing agent. That is not in alignment with my healthcare regime  (   Even the maker of the PCR said it may not be used as a test.  Commercial scientists are not searching for a “covid,” they are identifying pieces of DNA and RNA that have occurred within the life of that body and cannot say definitively what it means.  Depending on how many cycles it is spun, results will vary.  I do not wish to spit into a vial weekly, for I would NEVER allow a swab to be placed in my nose.  Speaking of the swab, they place the same one up both nostrals, potentially exposing the other side to what the first side may be experiencing, bacterial for example.  This is useless and pointless."

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