Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Weaponized Wimps


People have allowed themselves to be made helpless. How are they going to prepare meals without DoorDash? How are they going to handle the heat without an air conditioner? When eating four meals a day, how are they going to ration food? Their helplessness has made them a weapon against themselves.

People have also allowed themselves to be made a weapon against humanity through what they don't know rather than thinking to go out and learn what they don't know. So they're not a scientist, they assume that the white-coated commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma has a right to tell them how to behave and that they should comply, and that they should make other people comply.

My mother speaks to people whenever she can, trying to reach them. With a lady that she met last night, after she found out she's about to go on a trip, my mother suggested that she go into every single establishment without a mask on and wait to be asked to put it on. That perhaps she would be surprised at how many places really don't have any power over whether people wear masks or not, or how many places have dropped their policing of mask-matters. People have become so robotic in putting masks on now (just like as if it's their underwear) and they don't question anything. Now, policy can back off because wimpy-minded people have become a weapon against themselves.

My mother trained with Proffesor Balinsky in South Africa. He was more of a freelance scientist; an embryologist. Within a tiny embryo, he took the cell of an ear of a salamander and placed it between its legs and it grew into a third leg! It seems that there are some people who are into searching information, as in researching, such as this man's student, my mother, who hear a narrative and know that they're hearing a lie. Then, there's other people who are students of learning who can't do that and they become these weapons against humans because everyone knows how smart they are and so they listen to them and comply with all the Satanists' rules.

Weapons against humanity are coming in all shapes and sizes. But you can't allow yourself to be a wimp anymore. This is the moment. We're running out of those moments. Take off the mask. Enter an establishment. See what happens. In all of this 16 months, I only had one problem and it was at a Target that I had entered four times since March 2020 with no problems and with no mask. But that February 26th, 2021 day, after being in the store for about 2 hours, they would not check me out unless I put a cloth over my face. All the wimps in the store could not see the absurdity of the safety of someone shopping for 2 hours with nothing on their face has now suddenly become a threat to humanity when they're going through the checkout unless they put on a mask. All the wimps in that store needed to take off their masks, leave their baskets where they were, and walk out . Everyone in that store should have stood with me. But they are so controlled by the commercialized scientist whores of Big Pharma that they are indoctrinated by daily, that it never even occurred to any of them.

Now, that many restrictions are being lifted, it should be even easier for most people to take the opportunity to take the cloth off. But these weaponized wimps are effectively being used to bring on the social credit system, ID 2020, of which all of those who are awake will have absolutely no part. So these weaponized wimps are creating their own prison, not mine.

(As a PostScript, I know I'm being mean and I'm name-calling and that's not nice, etc. I want you to understand that I do understand that these people are implanted. I feel there is an implant around the fourth layer of their Mental body and those of us who can see the absurdity of this event obviously did not get implanted. But see, even in that, there's something. We were not wimps. We did not allow it. Now, I know they didn't consciously allow it either, but they gave permission on some level because it happened to their frequency and it didn't happen to our frequency.)

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