Monday, June 29, 2015

Diptheria in Chem Trails?

Isn't it perfect timing?  As per usual, if Governor Brown needs an excuse to ignore the thousands of parents who don't want him to sign SB 277 into law, he has it.  In Spain, an unvaccinated boy has died of diphtheria.  Eight other (vaccinated) children are testing positive for it, which to me, seems like the vaccines didn't do what they claim like by being a Pac Man and getting it all. (Recently, in California, we had a Whooping Cough outbreak.  Many kids who had been vaccinated against it, also had Whooping Cough.  If one unvaccinated kid had died from it, that is all you would have heard when really, any of those kids could have died.)

With any disease, treatment is key.  If you go to hospital, they will drive the pathogen deeper and even if you recover, you may have issues later on.  I highly recommend Dr. Theresa Dale's homeopathy called BioTox DTaP for prevention and, you know what, I personally would use it as a cure as well.

Whether you vaccinate or not, you can't blame your decision on anyone else but yourself.  Also, whatever prevention techniques you use and the doctors you see also can't be blamed on someone else.  We all know plenty of vaccinated injured children, but you can't simply listen to a doctor's propaganda and not accept responsibility for your actions...either way.

Social media is abuzz with comments saying that this family deserved it.  That it's what the family get for not vaccinating.  Please, please, please realize how things work.  They have a new Whooping Cough and Diptheria vaccine.  A lot of worldwide legislation related to vaccines is being pushed on humanity.  They HAVE TO justify it.  They are doing so with outbreaks and deaths.

The other issue here is kindness.  We need to stop reacting in anger and start responding from love.  Perhaps a vaccinated child would die as well.  We don't know how the scientists have morphed the diphtheria, if at all.  There is so much that goes into what helps a person fight diseases and to succumb to them that we can't possibly know the whole story. 

Let me ask you this, do you see statistics on the high numbers of vaccine related deaths and injuries caused by the Gardasil vaccine?  No.  Research it.  It's available.  You most likely won't hear it in the main media that a vaccinated child has died of diphtheria.  What you are told is being manipulated.  They want reaction.  They want fear.  They want compliance.  We need to stand together, not hate due to our diverse opinions.

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