Monday, July 23, 2012

Crying Out For Love

I looked at James Holmes this morning when he was in court.  What I saw was a kid crying out for love.  He looked sleep-deprived, confused, and distraught.  The news later reported him as “unemotional.”  I disagree and invite you all to watch the news with the volume turned down so you do your own thinking rather than to allow "the They” to speak through its reporters telling you how someone looks.  In fact, don’t even watch the news until you can see.

“Problem, Reaction, Solution,” as far as I know, was coined by David Icke long ago in reference to how things, like legislation, gets accomplished in our society in order to benefit "the They” and their Agenda.  Part of "the They’s” Agenda is to have control over us.  We have to stand together in compassion and embrace opportunities to offer love, especially when someone is crying out for love.  If we can recognize “Problem, Reaction Solution” when we see it, it will be easier for us to recognize when someone is crying out for love.  The opposite is especially true.  If we can recognize when someone is crying out for love, the vibration we emit will help us to see “Problem, Reaction, Solution” more easily.

Black Dawn-Bright Day by Sun Bear is what crossed my mind when I heard that people were shot down while watching Dark Knight RISES in “DAWN” (Aurora).  Are "the They” sending a clear message to us?  I just knew that at least part of the “solution” for which they were striving was gun control.  "The They” all over the world want guns out of our hands and only in theirs.  Look at the people of the Americas way back when the heavily armed Europeans arrived.  "The They” believe we will be easier to control and to kill if we are not armed sufficiently.  (It does not mean "the They’s” philosophy is true.  It just simply means that they believe the Earth’s populace will be easier to control and to kill if we are not as sufficiently armed with the right kind of guns when they are.)

I am not into guns, but I am not into legislation as a weapon against us either.  Another weapon I am not for is Mind Control.  Mind Control Programming is the truly scary thing about this massacre, for the average person is not even considering it here. 

Mind Control goes way beyond simple brain washing.  It involves programming a person over time with a key word or signal, so the personality of the “victim” will switch off and the “murderer” will switch on in a timely manner.  A chosen person, or pawn, really, can believe they are going to the gym at a set time each day or week, for example, when in fact, they are taken and programmed.  Sometimes, a person goes missing for a short time and either cannot or will not say where they think they were.  I used to know a smart micro-biologist who would start out to go for the weekly shop and all she could remember was sitting in her home looking at all the groceries on the kitchen counter wondering to where the last three hours had disappeared.  "The They” could have been taking her to work on some biological warfare weapon without her knowledge.  If something her intelligence worked on while she was under their spell ended up killing people, would she be the victim, the killer, or just someone crying out for love as Holmes is?  It is spooky just how easy it is to get caught up in "the They’s” web.  Just ask Princess Diana’s chauffer.

It is true that Holmes may simply be, as Robert Bruce says, “Negged.”  The more over-the-counter drugs, legally prescribed drugs, and alcohol a person consumes, the easier it is for negative, multi-dimensional entities and such to attack that person.  The Aurora Massacre could simply have been a situation where a person is psychically taken over and does the bidding of the entity.  This scenario makes me feel safer than thinking that someone can snatch me and program me, because I can control whether I ingest drugs or not.  I can also be aware of the changes in myself and note if I am under psychic attack.  Mind Control is far harder to notice.  You may not know why you are tired because you do not remember staying awake for hours while they worked with you.   

Whether Holmes was “Negged,” Programmed, or just a punk kid out for some attention in full control of his senses, hating him his not the answer.  We have to stand together as a community, or "the They” will keep doing things like this to create disunity.  You may think tragedies like this help to bring a community together, but if zillions of people stand together to focus hate in any direction, it is actually disunity that is occurring.  At the very least, if we can simply see James Holmes as a punk kid crying out for love and nothing more, we at least stop their future efforts against us just a little.

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