Friday, November 11, 2022

Climate Change Defined

 Climate Change: Food shortage caused by agents of the government having paid farmers to destroy all of their product. Food shortage when agents of the government buy up farmland for their agenda. Food shortage when animals are destroyed for a made up reason such as c*vid.

Climate Change: Agents of the government controlling weather to destroy the human way of life such as by ruining crops that were to be food. Geoengineering to poison crops and humans.

Climate Change: EMF poisoning to destroy humans and their potential food. To destroy bees so pollination will eventually stop.

Climate Change: Murder by $hots put out by Big Pharma.

Climate Change “Natural” movements in the atmosphere made worse due to humanity’s’ fear, greed, lust and other base emotions “sooting up” atmosphere, preventing free-flow of energies.

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