Saturday, April 18, 2020

Coronavirus & Covid-19 Are Different

There are two different kinds of viruses each interchangeably being called coronavirus and covid-19.  The reason some so-called truth-ers see what happened to the world in March 2020 as a scamdemic or a plandemic is because the so-called elite, the 1% who have placed themselves in the role of masters of the universe, are carrying this out.  (Non-humans would ultimately be in control and are known as ‘The They’ or Them.  I address them elsewhere.  For now, the elite are our problem.)  The average Joe thinks a bug is in the air and may be transmitted to an unsuspecting, innocent person and that no scientist, military personal, or governmental body had anything to do with it.  But then, the average Joe hasn’t paid attention to the Agenda in play for at least 250 years.  The average Joe ignores warnings about Agenda 21 (The Green New Deal, ID 2020, etc) and allows programming of helplessness to be downloaded into himself.

The coronavirus, and scientists say they have identified four, come from cells during the process of a distressed cell rebalancing itself.  This is the easy layman’s explanation for demonstrating how your body can communicate with you, alongside trying to save you from the damage you insist on doing to your internal terrain.  Puppets of Western Medicine will claim you are a victim—that you caught the common cold or got an infection from an infected someone—and will offer drugs and vaccines (purporting to stop further discomforts), while consoling you.  This coronavirus may have offered antibodies that might have shown up on someone’s test during this 2020 plandemic, but it certainly means absolutely nothing in light of casualties to the covid-19 virus claims.  It’s fraud to include this type in the numbers supposedly increasing the curve.

Animals have coronaviruses, too.  This is used to convince you about their line of animals infecting you in order to increase your fear.  What they are not telling you is that in every single vaccine that has been made with animal tissue (and that’s basically all of them) animal viruses are within those tissues because they cannot be separated.  Whatever torture they committed on those poor animals, as well as the animals’ normal responses to life’s stresses, each resulted in byproducts from when cells tried to rebalance themselves.  Those byproducts may be exosomes or viruses, and we don’t even know what’s within a byproduct that our scientists cannot see!  But, those byproducts, coronaviruses and more, have now been tweaked in a lab and are not the same innocent, natural byproducts anymore.  Now it’s part of what is being called covid-19.

Covid-19, I suspect, is constantly being upgraded.  There may be scientists in the USA and in China working on it.  Some may be under mind control and will not remember what they have done, but many scientists under contracts would have knowingly sold their souls for fame and fortune.  (And for more.  The plan for humanity may not be so bad for those humans who are willing to assist in the demise of the masses.)  The covid-19 may include another tweaked design known as HIV (and there was a glycoprotein 120 HIV 1 vaccine in 2006) as well as MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) along with other goodies.  The goal is to make this biowarfare far-reaching.  It can be transmitted through vaccines, but that’s not very efficient given the numbers of humans who are waking up to their destruction and lack of necessity.  (And yes, vaccines are biowarfare in and of themselves!)  If the elite want this to be an airborne problem, they will have to tweak it so that it may enter your cells from your lungs.  (Who knows if they’ve already done this and if they can control the attack, but control is always important to them.)  In the meantime, they have 5G that they can turn on and off and you’ll think it’s covid-19 that’s making it hard for you to breath and to think clearly.

What is behind all of this?  That is an excellent question.  Better than who is behind all of this.  Artificial Intelligence wants you.  So, put down your fear.  Put down your phone.  Get rid of Wi-Fi.  Get rid of your SMART meter and technology.  Get in touch with the Light within you.  Eat high frequency foods.  And hold on because we are in for a bumpy ride since not even 8% of humanity will do this.  We’re the underdog, but we’re not AI, yet, so let’s go anchor the Light.  Hwa!

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