Sunday, April 26, 2020

Social Credit System Training 101

["Masks are preparing you for the social credit system. You have to wear a mask to enter the store and people comply without questioning any aspect of this. People are snitching on and especially fearing others who are not wearing masks. In the social credit system, AI/ SMART devices will spy on you and deduct or add credits accordingly. The mask-wearers feel comfortable around other mask wearers and would be gaining credits; the non-mask wearers would be losing credits from the AI government. In the future, if you don't have enough credit, you will be shut out of the store. Perhaps you may enter, but only have enough credits for the harmful non-live foods made in a lab.

If you weren't programmed to wear a mask, then you would have questioned it. First and foremost, is it safe? According to Dr. Mikovitz if you have been infected either through lab work or by having been injected with v*ccines, then wearing a mask is not safe. The mask causes re-infection. Oxygen deprivation is another real risk. Claustrophobia sufferers would be triggered and sent off balance.

Next, is wearing a mask effective against the innate coronavirus (common cold), lab-tweaked viruses that were injected, or other biowarfare disseminated from drones or planes? While we're discussing protection from external sources, does the mask protect you from the harmful frequencies of fourth generation towers, f*fth generation antennas, or the cell phone in your hand or pocket?

Lastly, is a mask necessary? Have scientists and doctors taken a group of people with masks and exposed them to a pathogen while another group went mask-less with the pathogen? Specifically, if they've convinced you that they've isolated this pathogen that is being called covid-19, then have they tested two groups against that specific pathogen? If these tests have been done, were they Big Pharma sponsored?  You may say it's ridiculous to test a mask in these situations, but I ask you, where's the proof that the masks you have seen while waiting in line at a store have been proven safe, effective, or necessary? Could this simply be training just like there's no reason to take healthy babies to a doctor constantly, but it trains the parents to bring the kids in for shots?

Granted, you may be of the Germ Theory school of thought, but it's inappropriate to force that theory down everyone's throat. This first wave of Plandemic 2020 hasn't even been proven to be a non-man-made attack, yet. People have the right under Natural Law to trust their internal terrain. The mask is a step to take humans away from Natural Law and community. It's away to assure separation and judgement and condemnation of the non-mask-wearers for what they are perceived to be doing to the victims (those programmed to accept their bodies are weak).

Does the mask offer you security as you ingest pounds of sugar daily? Does the mask give you permission to not exercise? Is the mask your savoir and protector so you can go on watching hours and hours of television daily, day in and day out? Is it the non-mask-wearer's fault that you are unwell? The social credit system is counting on you being this sort of slave who will react and judge and fear...and comply.

ID 2020 used to be far away.

Today, it's on the other side of your mask.

Now, go. Get de-programmed. Hwa!"

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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