Wednesday, April 8, 2020

You Are Not a Victim

["Here's the thing.
It was so easy to get you worked up into hysterics to get your permission to imprison you and to order you to wear a mask...
...that you will beg for the vaccine with the kill virus in it.
In Event 201, they informed you they will kill 65 million of you.
They have their weapon ready, because they've been following a script and the efficient property master has things in place . Have you ever seen a cat toy with a little mouse? You're the little mouse.
Every move they make is to work you into even further hysterics.
You can still choose to not be fooled.
Do you realize there are teachers here who can even teach you how to get fullness and nutrition without physical food, while Darkness further works you into hysterics by creating shortages?
You can still choose to anchor Light instead of handing your soul over to the Darkness that has one hand on you.
You are not a victim. It really does come down to your choice."
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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