Saturday, April 18, 2020

Most of my colleagues, friends, and family out there in the big wide world believe Fauci, Brix, Gares, and the CDC that warn that we are experiencing a deadly coronavirus that is killing people at epidemic proportions.

My Merck's Manual defines coronavirus as a common cold.  At any rate, I see viruses differently than other micro-pathogens.  Pictures seen of the coronavirus are graphics.  If they had isolated covid-19, it would be in black and white. Whereas bacteria and fungus can multiply and wreak havoc, I see viruses, overall, quite different, but both are a product of our distressed cells and system and are very highly within our control.  That being said, the covid-19 is biowarfare because it has viruses taken from tortured animals within labs.

The so-called USA corporation may or may not be working with China, but it certainly seems plausible since both have labs and communication with each other via emplyoees.

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