Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Battle for Your Mind

["I reckon the 1% delete chose coronavirus to be this boogeyman bio-scare because they know it is a natural byproduct of all humans and so it will always be around. Our cells leave what they have labeled coronavirus in the wake of balancing themselves when they are distressed.

So, when we go and party too much, sleep too little, exercise too little, ingest the wrong recreational kinds of foods over nutrition, etc, our cells balance themselves, and a virus is left as a byproduct.

We will never not have coronaviruses around us. They are our friends. They were born out of helping us just like a placenta comes out of the making of a child.

Now, what they are calling covid-19 is not natural. It's whatever lab-tweaked viruses they have in vaccines at any given time. They cannot control what a virus that they tweak in a lab is going to do because of all the viruses that are there that they don't see that are getting tweaked, as well.

This could be prevented if people just didn't have the vaccines. Anything that comes through that needle is not going to serve you.

That people are always going to beg for that because they have allowed the 1% delete in charge to convince them that their human body is vile and no good and inept is a sad commentary on humanity.

The only way that those who think they are superior to us can beat us is through their programming of humans to think so little of themselves.

That's why they've got you fearing the coronavirus,  which came from a natural, normal, helpful process. That's why they've got you believing Germ Theory. They can't have you if you stay in control of your own dang mind.

It is normal that the coronavirus is always going to be around. It is abnormal that you think you need a vaccine when you don't have a vaccine receptor in your body. It is crazy that you think you need a vaccine when you don't suffer from a vaccine deficiency! So what is Plandemic 2020 about?

It's a battle for your mind.

This is their huge big push. Why are you making it so easy?

But know this, scared human, they can attack us with whatever kind of bioweapon that they want and they could always make sure that they check for the coronavirus, and they could say that's what you died of! Your cells are definitely going to be overworked when they are trying to rebalance themselves after an attack.

This script has been running for a long time. Many people had awakened to it by 1968, so they went and coined the term conspiracy theorist so that anyone who was trying to warn the masses would be labeled this by the very masses that they were trying to help. It's not too late for you to do your own research while you've still got your mind.

Now go.  Anchor the Light. Hwa!"

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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