Thursday, May 28, 2020

Big Pharma Fact Checker the New Indian Police

[Here is an example of Nazi America. Big Pharma sponsored scientists and doctors are under the control of the 1%. These fact-checkers are being paid by Big Pharma, no matter who they think is paying them.

If your job is with a company that is big enough, then you know there are things that you are not allowed to share with the outside world when it comes to your job. For example, I work for a school district, and I know a whole bunch of things that I am not allowed to talk about.
People who are associated with Big Pharma sign contracts. They are usually fresh out of school, young scientists who go into a Big Pharma job all excited and when they discover the way things really are, they are gagged, silenced.

They cannot tell you what they want to tell you.

Then there are scientists like Dr. Dolores Cahill. How dare a Big Pharma presume to think they have a right to fact-check her!

Do these young upstarts think that they know more than Dr. Cahill?

This woman knows science inside and out and she is free to disclose anything she wants to.

How dare a Big Pharma-sponsored fact checker who is probably not even in their 30s themselves yet alone lacking experience, judge what her information is. They may not even understand the level of science that Dr. Cahill understands.

All I'm saying is this just proves that these little robots of Big Pharma who don't even know they're working for non-humans (at the very top), think that they are just such know-it-alls that they  believe they are in a place where they can judge someone like Dr. Cahill.

Big Pharma-sponsored fact checker, yeah you... You've got a lot of nerve! You know Big Pharma Fact Checker, if you're human, they're going to take you down, too!

Don't think they're going to leave you standing.

You know like those Natives long ago that the government convinced to be police for them...? The "Indian police" would lock up the Natives.
The United States locked up the Indian police at the end of it.

The 1% uses people. You are being used!

Go and prove that wrong Mr. Fact-checker!

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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