Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Coronavirus Script's Rabbit Hole


The Covid-19 script’s rabbit hole runs deep and may be there to trip us up.  The claim is that the present ruler of England is an impostor and that a king has finally surfaced to take his rightful place on the throne. The Pope has supposedly relinquished any rights to his place of power and this king now stands in charge of the world.  I will write a letter to him at the Pope’s address through the General Post-office and see what happens.)

We know the 1% and company have always lied to us.  We know America was not named for Amerigo Vespucci, but the Knight’s Templar named America after the star Merika as they were sailing here and guided by it. Well, ny know, I mean that there are other ideas out there that do need to be investigated if you care about names.  Anne perhaps did not die.  The rulers love games such as this.  For one thing, shock value runs deep.  For another, humans love the idea of having a savior who will come and save the day.  In this case, it seems Trump and this king are being set up as those who will save us from the Draco and AI rule that is making a huge final push to completely enslave mankind.

Yes, they want unrest.  Yes, they could have made it happen.  Race Wars is a meme that has been extremely successful for them.  (And no-one ever seems to notice the black guy in a place of power on the two dollar bill, but I suppose if people did, they would question too much.)

In all honesty, the fact that a cop supposedly had his knee on someone as he supposedly did with George, and I couldn’t see if he was really placing pressure on something else, and the other three did nothing knowing it was being filmed, screams “Performance” to me. The 1% often lie and always use the news to inform the public and entice fear and anger.  Emotions are seen by AI as our downfall, as well as feelings recognized as our unique power.  They know how to play you.  Many may not be dead.  I can think of a supposed whole plane of passengers that didn’t go into the Pentagon and can only wonder if they are slaves some place or if they were killed and disposed of.  We don’t know so much.

I say, see something as true and hold it up to the Light.  See something as staged and hold it up to the Light.]

The following appeared on my AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond Facebook page May 30, 2020:

[Event 201 discussed 65 million dying 6 months into the event...the "epidemic."
We are at the 6 months mark.
I'm suspecting all 5 men involved in the George Floyd killing were hired. I'm still looking into it, but I find it hard to believe that 3 other cops would not get the arrest going, if that's what was happening.
How did they get to that point? Are there no body cameras or on the gas station across the street?
When I know how successful the media and those in control just lied to the world...nothing they do can be trusted w/o a little digging.
Some people can be bought for five million and a life on an island.
Think of the peasant looters who joined the Soros-hired violence-makers. Those peasants embrassed opportunity.
Well, is it hard for you to entertain the idea that 5 could be bought?
Do you recall the nurse on the news and her performance about the ER being overrun and a local got in his car not only filmed the lie, he confronted her.
Whatever you see, you need to question. Prove all other possibilities wrong...
... just like how I proved there's another post office.]
My comment:
You know what. I am 5 mins into this vid and just want to point out that we never really know if someone is dead just because they tell us. We know the rumors: Elvis, Kobe, JFK, Jr., is an easier thing to pull off the further back we go, due to cameras, etc, but the 1% are masterminds at this.
I think this was a poorly casted act.
[Soros-funded rioters got it to the point where it is now and the masses to whatever extent have joined in. Yes, they are trying to make this a race war. And unrest was mentioned in the Event 201script.
I think it's highly important that this supposed cop worked with the supposed victim. I know that for as long as I could speak, if I had worked with someone before I would have mentioned that to them while they had me pinned to the ground. The bottom line is they want to bring in a force more powerful than the National Guard, so they're making it happen.]

[I heard about this and ignored it because obviously there are other things going on right now.
But I have not seen this video and I want to, so I want to have it somewhere where I can find it and maybe you will like it. Maybe you haven't heard about this.]

[I'm sorry, but I am not convinced that anyone died and I'm not convinced that that man was a cop .
I think that all of this was made to happen.
Those who are capable of understanding, are getting it that the covid-19 script was a manipulation of the population.
Humanity is getting angry in that knowledge.
There were only about maybe 3% of the population who understood what was going on all along.
So it's perfect to have this as a distraction from how evil the 1% were for the last 3 months, and it's also perfect in bringing in their desired 8 million to 6 billion dead.]

This part of the script was Gyorgy Schwarz (George Soros) funded.]
I have not seen... My comments:

 At 8:53, I said, "Whoa!" See, I have been envisioning the how to of free energy being released. (For one thing, we can get rid of evil SMART meters and electric companies.) I have been visualizing that we will remember how to teleport of of the frequency to do so. Yes, I realize this could be a distraction from the murder and complete take over that the 1% have in mind for us, but every day, I vote for the 1% to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Well, check to see if writing on this website is in all caps, because that's the style of the dead, it's not the style of English. It may have just been her. I'm too busy to look into this. I am simply holding the world I want in mind.
One thing we know for certain, they had multiple reasons for the coronavirus production. We know when celebs come down with the bug it is code for something else.
So, if this King is real and in the Vatican, I'd say, "Please get rid of all the Mandatory Vaccination legislation world-wide now. In fact, I will write a letter and let you know what happens. BTW, the Pope's letter came back to me. Interesting.
Trump may have Lizard Reptilian in him and they would quite possibly protect humans from Draco Reps. But, I am not a Qanon and still see Trump as a puppet, no matter what else he is.
If this person exists, I am related to him, because I am related to Anne. Anyone in London to confirm how gates look? And this whole story?
Max Igan did talk about what Trump did with the Fed Reserve over a month ago.
Another affirmation of mine is for the 1% to be deleted from the position of power: 1% delete.

Tarot on King:

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