Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Homeless and Omega Man

[In Australia and the US, the District of Columbia for both, have the homeless in hotels under the guise of protection from a pathogen that doesn’t exist.

I posit that C*A-type mind-controlled/drug experiments are taking place on them.  By experiment I mean that they know the outcome and desire it.  In Omega Man, if I remember correctly, the group was changed by a drug and avoided the light.  They turned on humanity.  This movie always stayed with me and I saw it in the drive-in when really young.  When I met Charlton Heston, who so admired my father over tennis, I told him that I remembered the blue faces and was so afraid of them.  Now, who knows what color the faces were, but blue equates with blue pill.  It equates with the masses.  The blue-pilled people are the zombies of our society.  They are not for us, the humans grounding Light.  In fact, they are afraid of our Light.]

Someone asked me if it’s time for fighting.

No. Ground Light. Hold in your mind the world you want to create. Say out loud, "I vote the 1% are held accountable for their crimes against humanity. I vote Tesla technology is freed to those of the frequency to use it in an appropriate, non-harmful way." Things like that. Don't focus on fighting. AI wants to catch an imprison the souls of humanity, so if you leave your body, they will try to trick you. They want 8 million to 6 billion humans dead. War will help.

May 29, I wrote the following:
[So just for a moment, pretend there wasn't an epidemic. Governor Newsom has released prisoners and now is drugging the homeless. Please keep in mind that the homeless were given cell phones so that they could be tracked but know that a cell phone can help to remotely control a person especially when they have had a certain ingredient ingested or injected.
Yes, hopefully that will make you think twice about your phone.
If there was an epidemic, does it really make sense to you that Newsom would let prisoners out of jail, especially when the mask works so well!
Guys, it's almost getting too late to question.
Economic collapse is starting and people are starting to be hungry and civil unrest is being promoted in many ways.
If you have to start with what if there wasn't an epidemic... Then please start there.
If you have to start with, "Gosh if they told me every single day, every single hour how many people were dying at the hands of doctors, then I would be scared to go to a doctor again. Is it possible they did something like that to me these last few months every single day?" then please start there.]

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