Sunday, May 17, 2020

The 1% Delete

Today, I stated calling the criminals-that-believe-they-be the 1% delete instead of the 1% elite.

The 2nd 9-11, this Covid-19 meme is to take away privacy and freedom as near to as completely as the 1% new name for them...can.

["The media has convinced you that if I don't wear a mask, I may make you sick.
Well, I'm not the EMF's that are harming you. That's coming from your cell phone and it's your choice to have that cell phone in your hand, back pocket, or bra.
I am not your vaccine injury. It was you who allowed lab-tweaked viruses and other harmful ingredients to be injected into you.
What I have done for you is I have stopped the erection of a 4G tower. Though it's only a small victory, I went against Section 704 and I won.
All these decades while you have been engaging in life, I have been fighting against Agenda 21.
How many of you mask-wearers can say the same?
Unlike the 1% delete, I have been looking out for you.
Yes, in your mind you're being considerate because you're wearing a mask. I'm telling you, your enemy knows the compassion that you have and they use that to manipulate you. I highly recommend you start to get to know your opponent. And yes, that television set, that president, that prime minister, that Pope, that ruler, that governor is your opponent, not your friend if they are not allowing you to be human."
-Paget of Essendon]

["It makes no sense that governments of the world would take away cash because a person died of covid-19. We have had thousands of people die from the flu and from flu shots, and the 1% delete never took away cash.
They are lying to you.
They want cash gone so they can control you better through the social credit system."
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

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