Saturday, May 2, 2020

Consider Refusing C*vid-19 Testing

["I will not be tested for covid-19 for several reasons:

 1)Phase 1 is a farce. Either coronavirus is or has been in me because my cells had this as a byproduct after rebalancing themselves, or the lab-tweaked covid-19 (which includes lab-tweaked animal coronavirus, lab-tweaked HIV, and lab-tweaked MERSA) that was injected through a vaccine, or both.

2) The test IS infecting me with biowarfare. Possibly their Phase 2 of Plandemic 2020 so they can shut us down even worse than before.

3) They want to collect DNA and other information from me.

4) Having a Western Medicine test, which is a business backed by non-humans, is not in my personal healing protocol.

5) I don't want to give them the power to claim that I have covid-19 (a $13,000 diagnosis) and must be taken away, placed on a ventilator (a $30,000 procedure), and possibly...well, you know.

6) According to Dr. Mikovitz, when the back of the throat is scraped and RNA is found, it is a sign that a person has been exposed to coronavirus. It is not a sign that they are infected!

So, no. Go scare some other desperate, powerless human with your contrived propaganda!"

    -Paget Anneof Essendon]

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