Friday, May 8, 2020

Gestapo Testers in the US

[You know, it must be wonderful to believe that we are experiencing a natural bug that has proliferated and is currently battling with our individual internal terrain.  Unfortunately for me, I have been working to stop the implementation of Agenda 21, specifically ID 2020 (vaccines, 5G, etc), and in fact, I think this is why I chose to come here now, so I recognize otherwise.

Testers have been hired and will swarm the territory like little bothersome ants. So, I had a bit of a think about it...

In this hostile Plandemic 2020 environment, I have a plan for so-called authority-figures that come to my door.  Since I have used Jane Jones as my example with the post, I am continuing that here now for my example.

Knock-knock.  Finally, “Jane Jones?”

I will open the far side of the living room window enough to speak with them through the window over opening my door.  If they take a step closer, I will ask them to stop as I practice physical distancing.  (Not a lie.  I practice physical distancing from all criminals or puppets of said criminals.)  “Who do you want?”

“Jane Jones?”

“May I see the paper with the name you’re saying so I can tell you if that person is here or not?”

“But you can hear me…Jane Jones.”

“Sorry, but if you were to say two times two is four, and I say yes, then I look like an idiot if what you are saying is t-o times t-o equals f-o-r.  Please let me see the paper.”

If there is a paper and it is pressed against the glass and it looks like this JANE JONES, I will say, “I am unable to read that style as it is not written in English.  So have a nice day.  Goodbye.”

If they won’t leave, then I will explain that in English, names are written with a capital and then lower case for each name.  “That is a style I cannot understand.  I read English.  Bye bye.”  Go to close window.

Now perhaps names are not a thing.  They simply want to know how many people are present and if anyone is sick.

“No-one is sick here.  Thank-you.  Have a good day.”

Perhaps you'll want to say, "Show me your medical license before we discuss anything medical related to me. As an acupuncturist, I'm not allowed to do anything without my license being right there, so it's the same for you as far as I'm concerned!" The bottom line is, we did not hire these testers for our private medical needs. Also, they would not be able to guarantee any true Informed Consent...But this aside....

If it’s easier to just give in a little, then perhaps.  “This is husband.  This is a thermometer.”  Take temp and show.  If they document, perhaps go through the whole family that way, but if it isn’t good enough, or if someone is in fact under the weather and it’s none of their business…  

“I’m sorry.  Perhaps you think I’m standing in Communist District of Columbia.  I am not.  I am a living man in the country of California of the states of the union.  If anything, you may think of it as the Judicial District.  I’ve had enough of this conversation.  Please vacate the premises.”

And just see what happens.

Each person in my home has sent a letter to themselves.  The outside has our signatures at the stamp site and they have been cancelled by the post office.  (See earlier articles for information on the post office.)  My feeling is that for this document, each of us is the post-master, which I think is a high authority.  I would show that if I have to. It seems to me that the mailbox receiving the paper makes the paper the court.  

I don’t know much, but in a war on humans, which is what this is…our last stand…I have to just go with what I know and what I think I know.

There's always,"Come back with a warrent," and remember that you want to see the name that's written. Don't just listen to them say the name.

One thing I know is no authority figure is welcomed in my home for any kind of testing or treatment in the farce known as Plandemic 2020.

If you have a plan, please post it in the comments so we may all learn from one another.]

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