Friday, January 28, 2022

Defenses for TI's (Targeted Individuals)

If I were being targeted by the Military-$cience-Government-human-non-human faction or interdimensional disturbances, I would consider doing the following:

1) I'd set up a detailed paper because then, in the non-physical court, you can prove they trespassed and unlawfully went against your Will.  Make it clear they will be entering into a contract with you.  Write specific things about rape and breeding stopping, or whatever attack on you is occurring, and that subsequent attempts will be contracts and state the perpetrator's part in it...whatever you want.

2) Have treatments for high frequency with someone you trust, such as Esoteric Acupuncture treatments, but since they infiltrate humans, perhaps the best course of action is to get Mikio Sankey's books and simply read them.  They are high frequency in themselves!

3) Read The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed.  I mention her in my book.  She would use rubber mats as I've heard others do against Reptiles.  Perhaps you can at least place rubber mats under your mattress and elsewhere even for frequency attacks.  Try it and assess.

4) Use my Violet Cubes of Light idea at the walls, floors and ceilings.  Entities can reside between your floor and the ceiling from the apartment below you.  Same with your ceiling and the floor above it.  Also, various frequency attacks and physic attacks may be transmuted to blessings with the cubes.

5) Implement codes such as what I use. (I can get them).  The Sacred Codes of Light include the Goddess Code and The Temple Codes of Light.

6) What is the reason for the attack?  Are you a threat?  Perhaps do that thing they don't want you to do.  Be certain you are of a frequency to be as safe as you can be.

7) I love BioGenesis tools such as the Harmonizing Pyramid, though I purchased my tools from John B, who I mention in my book.

I see it is also called the Multi-Colored Pyramid.  Get acquainted with its energy.  In your mind, place it inside you.  See it growing bigger pushing attacks away.  (You may be specific in defining the attack if you like.)  As it grows, you are now inside it.  See the yukky stuff pushing out and away.  Also, if you know the direction of the attack, you may place the pyramid with your Mind in the area to assist you.  For example, the attack is coming from the apartment below you.  When you see the pyramid just a little bigger than your body and bed in which you lie, play with the pyramid's direction in your Mind.  This one has a felt bottom.  Each side feels like it has a different function to me, hence probably the need for the felt bottom.  Perhaps pointing the tip down may disperse the actions or intentions of the one below.  Perhaps move it back and forth like a laser until you fall asleep.  In a treatment room, it may be used quickly for dispersing something stubborn, so it might assist you.  Another attack may be coming from the ocean a few miles away from your home. Do not over-look that the military/$cience/government/human/non-human faction is used to attack citizens and other humans, even if individuals signed up for a job thinking they would become a hero of fellow citizens and are now allowing themselves to be used against them.  Place another huge Harmonizing Pyramid so that most is disappearing into the earth, but a side stands tall between the water and the land, perhaps more on the land.  The Violet Cubes of Light will be in front of this spanning at least one mile away from the shore.  The attack comes toward you, but it is transmuted into blessings and may pass through the pyramid.  Any huge, sneaky attacks that perhaps got through are stopped by the pyramid.  (I thank my tools and team often.)

8) Use your mind for color, too.  A Pinky-rose thread connecting to the Pinky-rose within the leader of your enemies (opponents), demanding your experience of them is from Love of Source (light and Sound).  They cannot stand that!  But you are establishing a space of Love over any nefarious intention they may wish to engage in with you. 

9) I have mentioned that with any attack on humanity: geo-engineering, body snatching (a soul kicks another out to take over the body), etc, I vote by stating out loud, "I vote chem-trailing be stopped," "I vote harmful weather-control be stopped," and "I vote nefarious soul transference be stopped."  If you know the specific Rockefeller, Rhodes, or other Puppeteer incarnate or specific human attacker, you can name him or her.  (I mention Puppeteers in my book.  I see them as about five that can incarnate here on Earth.  They most likely convinced or forced us from Physicalish-spiritoids to Genetic humans much like Genetic humans today are becoming the successive human.  The Puppeteers can recycle their souls into new bodies in order to continue with their Agenda uninterrupted.)  Also, if you know an attack is coming from a certain ship, car, room, apartment, building, etc, you may hold all on board or involved accountable, as well as the one who or that gave the order.  You may also connect with Pinky-rose by way of demanding a loving space be held between you and the opponent(s).  The Violet Cubes of Light barrier and Harmonizing Pyramid along the coast, street, etc can also be set up. 
10) For physical protection, learn law. In the US, all states go back to Lex Parliamentaria Americana by Cushing, so read it and more. Next, you can become living man in authority's eye, which means Neo in the chair can infuse Mr. Anderson, the legal fiction, with his light/Sound.  

11) Purchas a long Amradield "material" to have on your body over your head too at night if you need something physical. Make a long cape with hood if you must for daytime.

If you can defeat them, wow...that would be amazing!  Let's go score one for humans.  Now, Go. Anchor the Light.  Hwa!

Contracting With Me

The interview I did with Alfred Lambremont Weber

My book with ideas on protection, the Harmonizing Pyramid, Pinky-rose and Violet Cubes of Light all discussed

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A warning about some who will come into your life seeking your help:
My research on mind control slaves taught me about "shoots and ladders" and how a human slave may wish to be liberated and at every successful turn, he or she gets into another trap.  A "victim" may be being used to get to others who can ground light.  So, assist with caution and with love.  Look at the "victim" half as authentic and half as a trap, intend to support the "victim" right out of the perpetrator's grasp.  Light-bearers would surely be incarnating in places in harm's way in order to implode devilish systems.  It is possible for them to avoid the compartmentalization traps of the average mind controlled slave.  Just remain vigilant.

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