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Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure for Ferrer


No stamp & it has arrived. The three day count starts Feb 1.

I posted this on 01/28/22 through the Judicial District Registered mail.  I waited in a long line at the post office.  When finally at the window, I asked the lady to please stamp the papers as a third party witness to these papers that I was about to send Registered mail.  She told me I have to wear a mask.  I told her "I don’t do that" and pulled out my card and placed it for her view, saying, “My evidence is next door.”  (The sheriff station is next door and Captain Jones has my proof of being a national that was sent to Blinken.)  “Just a minute,” she said, disappearing.

She came back with Jessie, a man.  He said, “You have to put a mask on or we can’t help you.”

“Oh, yes you will.  You have to!”  I mean, really!  I have been going there during 2020 (sometimes, not often because I can send even packages or certified from my front door) and 2021 and here we are in the land of the toxinated and suddenly they will not serve me unless I cover this nostril, that nostril and this mouth simultaneously?  Geesh!  “I am a national.”

Then, basically ignoring his bs, I proceeded to explain how I need him to stamp my papers.  “Is this for power of attorney?”  I have no idea as I am a brand-new student of common law, so I said, “Something like that.  I need the stamp to show I am sending the paper on this day.  You are being a third-party witness.”  He told me to “Come over here,” and he walked to window #1.  A lady was leaving saying how this is the worst post office as I made my way from #6 to #1…with my own little bare face.

He actually snooped and read my first paper!  Not too much since it was fairly quick, but really!  He stamped the paper after checking that I was going to place it in the envelope in front of him.  I also showed him how the Registered mail number on the letter matched my envelope.  He stamped it.  I asked for the copy to also be stamped.  I added, “This is for the judge.”  He stamped it.  I placed the letter in the envelope and handed it to him, keeping the copy.  

“Do you need a receipt?”  

“No thank you.  I am sending it through the Judicial District Taxe Percue where it has already been paid for.”

He was confused.  Hopefully, he took it and sent it.  I really do not care if it is truly treated as Registered or not.  I want the judge and Barbara and her legal team to just think so. 😊

It took 3 days for this to arrive so I will give her til Monday for a response to arrive. Tuesday a Notice of Default will be sent.

Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure

Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent

Reference Notice of Claim sent registered mail No: RR ### ### ### US

This Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure sent registered mail No: RF ### ### ### US



26 January 2022




(family name), (given name at birth) (middle name given at birth), living mankind, non-individual-executrix for Jane Jones

c/o #### (name) Street

City, State [RFD #####]

Non-domestic, zip exempt






Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director County of Los Angeles Public Health

313 N. Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012



Statement of facts:

1. On 14 October 2021, Respondent received a request for evidence of a natural, contagious virus delivered through the Judicial District certified mail from the Affiant for Respondent’s attention.

2. To date, Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Respondent) has not responded and is at fault in this manner.

3. On 20 December 2021(Respondent) received a Notice of Claim that inaccurate, untruthful, false statements were coming from the Respondent’s Office without any documentation to legitimize the Respondent’s claims.  A lawful affidavit of Truth with the Respondent’s autograph was requested or the Affiant would seek to secure a judgement of default and place a lien on Respondent’s bond of office.

4. To date, Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Respondent) has not responded and is at fault in this manner.

5. As an operation of law, Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Respondent) by dishonor of Affidavit has created a fault.


Opportunity to Cure

In the event that the Respondent’s failure to respond to the Information Request of October 2021 and to the Notice of Claim of December 2021 were oversights, mistakes or otherwise unintentional, (family name),

(first) (middle)-executrix for Jane Jones (Affiant) grants Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Respondent) three (3) days, exclusive of the day of receipt, to cure the fault. Failure to cure will constitute, as an operation of law, Respondent’s final admission and agreement to all statements and claims made by Affiant through tacit

procuration pertaining to the Notice of Claim: RR ### ### ### US, and the whole matter shall be deemed res judicata and stare decisis. Response by Respondent must be served on Affiant exactly as provided below/overleaf and using registered and traceable mail service:


(last, first, middle)-executrix for Jane Jones

c/o #### (name) Street

City, State [RFD #####]

Non-domestic, zip exempt




(last, first, middle)-executrix for Jane Jones (Affiant) awaits Dr. Barbara Ferrer’s (Respondent’s) timely response.


“I, living mankind commonly known as Jane Jones (Affiant), on my own unlimited commercial liability, certify that I have read the above and do know that the facts contained are true, correct and complete, not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”



Yours truly,


By: ________________________________________________________(Affiant)

All Rights Reserved


(L thumb)                                                                                                                                                                                                (R thumb)



Acknowledgment For verification purposes only


Sworn to me by (last, first, middle)-executrix for Jane Jones (Affiant), known to me and proven to me to be the real man signing this affidavit this ___________________ day of ___________________, 20_____. WITNESS my hand and official seal.





(L thumb)                                                                                                                                                                                          (R thumb)



Use black to type or write L thumb but use red ink for thumb prints.  For the Information Act Request and Notice of Claim, I had no witnesses.  We’ll see how I start the next Notices to the rest of the agents of the government.  For this, I simply used one living man witness, even though at least two may be ideal.  For the Notice of Default, I plan om having 26 witnesses sign it.

I tested the waters by being the executrix, which I will be doing when I tap into my Credit and other adventures such as with certain 1099 forms.  I may simply be Paget, my legal fiction name, for the other Notices I send out.  I recommend that you simply use your legal name until you are further down the road in understanding this matrix of deception. 

I am not using a notary.  I will ask the USPS worker to please stamp the top right near the registration number, but they do not always want to and I don’t have any manual numbers to impel them to do so.  (If you have a code, please let me know.  Thanks.)  I will have a seal one day.  Right now, I do not.  When I am more severed from the legal fiction, I will use my thumb prints in red and a seal, but for now, I just sign the papers and ask a National to sign as a witness.  (The stamp at the post office also serves as a third party witness.)  This whole process is a work in progress.  I am a healer learning law…something I never dreamed I would have to do in order to be certain I could practice body autonomy and self-determination since I know no living mankind has to.

On the true letter, I used a footer as follows:

 (last, first, middle)-executrix for Janes Jones, Affiant. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Respondent. Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure, reference Affidavit, # RF 260 432 834 US Page 1 of 2.

Of course, I changed the second page to Page 2 of 2.

All of these little changes have made this Notice better than the first. 😊

Pictured above is another choice of this kind of letter.






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